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Addict Thanks Recovery for Giving Him a New Chance at Life

Todd’s life was spiraling out of control. He was losing his friends he had known since he was ten, and his family started to ignore his phone calls. His boss fired him after a month of Todd misbehaving and acting rude to other co-workers. Todd couldn’t understand how this was all happening at the same time, and even though he knew his addiction was the reason why all of this was happening, he couldn’t stop using. He needed the high to function, and he couldn’t imagine his life clean and sober – mostly because he didn’t believe he’d make it if he were to quit. When his mother called and told him this was the last he’d ever hear from her until he made some changes, he had a decision to make. His mother meant the world to him, and he knew it was serious when she wouldn’t speak to him again. Even though he doubted himself and thought he might die if he quit, he decided to enter rehab to try and undo all the damage he had done. He knew he had to try to have this new chance at life.

Finding the Rehab

Still high, Todd decided to do some research on different rehabs around his area. He had heard horror stories from a few of his friends about bad experiences at rehab and didn’t want his to be the same. If he was going to go to rehab, then he needed it to be the one that would get him sober. After a few days of researching each facility and even calling them to make sure they were right for him, he decided on one and got a taxi to it. As soon as he entered the facility, he felt scared, but also excited. He signed a few papers and began his journey to sobriety.

Todd’s Rehab Experience

The very first thing Todd did was a medical detox. It was by far the worst thing he had experienced physically, and he wasn’t sure he’d even make it through. However, the staff kept telling him everything would be better and that he just had to get through the first several days. As each day passed, Todd felt a little bit better. Some days were worse than others, but he stuck to it until his detoxification was eventually done. He felt incredible, bright, happy and for the first time, he felt like there weren’t clouds in his head. He was excited to continue with his treatment program.

Todd learned a great deal about himself through therapy and the classes he took in rehab. He learned more about his addiction than he ever thought was possible. He never thought he would have liked group therapy, but as it turns out, he enjoyed meeting other people who were in similar situations as him and gaining valuable advice and ways to cope with them. He felt as if he was finally apart of a community and liked that he had a place he belonged. He knew that these people would be able to give him the support he needed, even after rehab.

Returning Home

Near the end of Todd’s program, he met with his aftercare counselor who helped him prepare for his return home. Todd felt like a brand new person, and he was excited to show how he changed to his family and friends. He knew he needed to start to mend the relationships he had damaged before he left for rehab, so he created a plan and began to do so. By the time Todd returned home, he was able to be on good terms with his family and most of his friends again. He was able to get another job where he could do well. Todd went from thinking he wouldn’t make it if he quit drugs and alcohol to become clean, sober and living the life he always wanted. He is still thankful for his new chance at life.

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