Yoga Therapy

Making yoga therapy a part of your addiction recovery is an important step in making your mind and body sound again

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Yoga has become very popular over the past several years, and millions of people are enjoying it today. People gravitate to this form of relaxation because it makes them feel good, both in their mind and in their bodies. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a yoga therapy program for their clients to enjoy.

Yoga therapy generally consists of learning asana, which are yoga poses, breathing techniques, and sometimes meditation. The combination of these things has numerous health benefits. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, clients can participate in yoga fitness, which will help them tremendously while they take part in their treatment program.

Health Benefits of Yoga Therapy

  • There is a biochemical response in the body when yoga and deep breathing techniques are performed. The movements involved cause a surge in hormones, which work to create a calming feeling throughout the mind and body. This feeling relieves stress and tension in the body and mind.
  • The deep breathing techniques used in yoga increases the lung capacity, deepens and lengthens breathing, and causes an increase in oxygen to the brain. This stimulates relaxation and has a positive effect on mood.
  • Most people report having a clearer mind after yoga and an increase in their ability to focus.
  • The movements of yoga apply pressure to the liver and the lymph nodes. The liver is the main detoxification center of the body. Due to this pressure, the toxins are flushed out more readily. With the additional pressure being exerted on the lymph nodes, impurities are also filtered out more easily.
  • Yoga has a positive effect on the circulatory system and decreases the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.
  • Yoga has a positive effect on the digestive system as well and aids in eliminating bodily waste.
  • Muscle and soft tissue stretching are performed in a safe way during yoga. This stretching results in greater flexibility and free range of motion in the joints. The joints are well lubricated and stiffness and pain are relieved due to the lactic acid release.
  • Many people report a lessening of their fatigue, a greater endurance during physical activity, and a noticeable boost in their immune system since partaking in yoga.
  • An increase in muscle strength, a more toned core, and an improvement in posture are noticed with this form of physical fitness.
  • Many report having a decrease in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels since participating in yoga.


Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help Today

StretchingYoga fitness at Best Drug Rehabilitation is highly recommended to help people cope with the difficulties that they are struggling with. By focusing on something other than day-to-day problems clients can de-stress themselves through this form of physical fitness.

Focusing the mind on breathing and yoga movements will help to ease a great deal of stress and tension that is common for most people. Many report to be happier, calmer, and think more clearly after they have experienced yoga and deep breathing exercises. This helps them to feel better, not only about their bodies and their thoughts, but also about themselves as a whole person. The staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation strives to give their clients the best tools and techniques in order to better help themselves and achieve their goals.

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