Exercise Therapy

Utilize exercise therapy at Best Drug Rehabilitation to create a sound body and mind

A strong mind, body, and spirit are essential to overcoming addiction and living life to the fullest. Treating the body with respect, love, and compassion provides the foundation for a positive relationship with oneself and others. Exercise therapy is an important component to overall wellness. Not only does physical activity help individuals overcome addiction, but regular exercise is also an important tool for sustaining a successful recovery.

 Physical Fitness for a Healthy Mind and Body

ExerciseBest Drug Rehabilitation offers exercise therapy programs and customized workout routines. The fitness program is an important tool that assists in the recovery process and naturally complements other aspects of the Best Drug Rehabilitation program. As part of this program, the drug rehabilitation team encourages individuals to report how they are feeling, including energy levels, sleeping patterns, food consumption and digestion, and daily exercise. The mind-body connection is a powerful force, and the Best Drug Rehabilitation fitness program helps use this connection to support a successful recovery.

Getting Started with Regular Exercise

Many individuals who come to Best Drug Rehabilitation have led sedentary lifestyles, due to drug and alcohol addiction. A lack of physical activity is a contributing factor to anxiety and depression, feeding the cycle of addiction and dependency. The fitness group at Best Drug Rehabilitation will help individuals become physically active.

When individuals first arrive, they receive an initial fitness evaluation. A personal trainer will introduce individuals to the gym and fitness equipment. Each individual will receive custom fitness recommendations based on their existing fitness level. Daily workouts are posted on the gym boards. Alternative exercise, including yoga and martial arts are available.

Benefits of Exercise Therapy During Withdrawal and Recovery

RunningThe first two to three weeks of recovery can be a challenging time. The process of undergoing detox, managing withdrawal symptoms, addressing drug addiction, and facing underlying depression or anxiety can be extremely difficult. Regular exercise plays an important role in successfully getting through the first few weeks of rehabilitation. In addition to becoming physically stronger, exercise also builds emotional strength, enhances mood, and boosts overall confidence. Exercise also supports self-control, which is a true expression of love for both oneself and others.

Depending on the type and length of substance abuse, the initial recovery period can be a scary and daunting period in an individual’s life. Best Drug Rehabilitation strives to create a positive and cooperative atmosphere in the gym that supports recovery for all program participants.

Five Levels of Fitness

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Program consists of five fitness levels. When each level is successfully completed, individuals will receive a reward.

  • Level 1: Initial fitness evaluation, introduction to gym, workout, and yoga
  • Level 2: Progress check, white board workout, karate
  • Level 3 and 4: Progress check, three workouts
  • Level 5: Final fitness evaluation

Workouts can include a variety of different exercises, such as strength training, cardiovascular training, yoga, basketball, fitness DVDs, and martial arts. Following the successful completion of each level, individuals earn rewards such as a T-shirt, Free Up Stat Trip, or certificate.

Exercise Therapy with a Best Drug Rehabilitation Fitness Trainer

Best Drug Rehabilitation is proud to offer program participants access to some of the best personal fitness trainers. Each certified trainer has substantial experience working with individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. They understand the unique challenges individuals in recovery face, and know how to use physical fitness to support the recovery process. The fitness trainer creates customized workouts that help individuals get in shape, lose weight, relieve stress, and support whole body health.

Progressing through each fitness level builds a strong fitness foundation and prepares program participants to continue an active lifestyle after graduating from the Best Drug Rehabilitation program.

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