Nutritional Therapy

Using nutritional therapy at Best Drug Rehabilitation is vital step on the road to recovery

Recovery from addiction starts with understanding the needs of the body. Drugs and alcohol have a negative impact on the body and can result in nutrient deficiencies. Learning about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices through nutritional therapy will provide the fuel the body needs to heal during recovery and into a drug-free way of life.

Benefits of Nutritional Therapy after Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction must incorporate healthy lifestyle changes. Among the changes that every drug or alcohol user should apply to the situation is proper nutrition.

Substance abuse results in poor nutritional habits. Depending on the specific substance, the particular nutrient deficiencies will vary. In some cases, poor appetite will lead to several nutrient deficiencies. Other drugs will cause binging habits to develop that focus on unhealthy food choices, such as high-calorie snack foods.

After beginning treatment, Best Drug Rehabilitation provides a nutritional therapy to teach drug abusers about the basics of nutrition and the importance of adding it to recovery. Since the body is already nutrient deficient, it is important to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet to recover and heal the damage caused by drugs.

The body needs fuel to recover, which means eating a healthy diet. Eating a balanced and healthy diet that includes lean protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables will provide the building blocks that improve recovery rates. Without the proper fuel, the body is not able to fully recover, and the cravings for substances might continue after leaving rehabilitation.

Basics of Recovery with Proper Nutrition

The nutritional therapy provided by Best Drug Rehabilitation gives detailed information into the different nutrients and the specifics an individual needs in the personal battle against addiction. Since nutrient deficiencies will vary based on the particular substance, some personal advice is provided to ensure the body can recover and absorb the appropriate amount of missing nutrients.

While individual needs will vary, the basics of nutrition are applied to every person. According to Christian Nordqvist on, all living creatures need nutrients found in food to survive and continue living. After addiction, the levels of nutrients in the blood might be low due to the substance, but a healthy change to include proper nutrition during addiction recovery will turn around the problems.

The Southern Illinois University School of Medicine suggests eating three meals per day with a focus on variety and nutritious foods. While specific recommendations will vary based on personal health and nutritional needs, the basic diet should focus on eating a combination of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats.

A balanced diet should include whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, nuts, and a variety of fruits, several vegetables, beans, legumes, lean meats, fatty fish, and dairy products. It should limit high-calorie snack foods or sweets to occasional treats because the foods do not have enough nutrient content to justify the caloric intake.

Applying Nutritional Therapy During Recovery

Beating addiction is hard, but a healthy lifestyle can make the process of recovery easier. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, the nutritional therapy provides the key information drug abusers need to create a healthy diet plan and start improving the overall wellness of the body.

When the body feels healthy, recovery is a little easier to maintain. Applying the nutritional information to recovery during and after treatment is primarily about focusing on three meals that contain a variety of food items. By eating a variety of fresh foods, the number of nutrients the body obtains will increase.  Depending on the situation, supplements might be used in conjunction with healthy meal planning. Nutrient deficiencies might require supplements to help the body catch up until the diet can provide enough nutrition without added supplementation.

It is possible to overcome addiction with the aid of professionals and the application of healthy lifestyle choices. Nutrition provides the building blocks the body needs to recover from the damage caused by substance abuse. With the help of the group at Best Drug Rehabilitation, it is possible to create a healthy nutrition plan that allows the body to heal and recover from substance abuse.

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