Native American Treatment

Native American workshops use a variety of wellness activities that help re-energize and heal the mind and body

While every human is a unique being, Native Americans often respond better to custom approaches to wellness issues. Best Drug Rehabilitation centers understand this and offer options tailored to Native American treatment needs, culture, and preferences. Our Native American clients have enjoyed long-term success from participating in our tailor-made programs and workshops.

Native Americans

Spirituality is often a paramount feature of Native Americans. Best Drug Rehabilitation treatment and workshops focus on these concerns, preferences, and traditional beliefs. Offering well-rounded programs for Native Americans helps them achieve success and improve their quality of life, particularly after bouts with addiction from any source. Offering workshops and programs that incorporate traditional teachings, beliefs, and ceremonies, Best Drug Rehabilitation helps participants fuel their spirituality and learn valuable techniques to live happy, healthy lives.


Allowing participants to explore their spiritual  inner self, Native American workshops also use a menu of wellness activities that often help re-energize and heal the mind and body. Groups centered on specific therapeutic activities allow clients to select areas of interest. Subjects include :

  •   Music and art
  •   Physical fitness
  •   Martial arts and yoga
  •   Nutrition
  •   Handling Anger
  •   Transitional living
  •   Problem solving and creative thinking
  •   Personal financial planning
  •   12-Step programs
  •   Massage
  •   Acupuncture
  •   Creating effective resumes
  •   Smart recovery and relapse prevention

The diversity of group subjects offers the well-rounded education Native Americans can use to stop an addiction, remain sober, and improve their life quality in the future. Best Drug Rehabilitation clients can choose those groups and programs that most interest them.

Native American Treatment and Workshop Programs

Best Drug Rehabilitation has partnered with White Bison Inc. to offer many components of their Native American Wellbriety program, Indigenous Path. Using counselors and group leaders certified by White Bison, our programs often include :

  •   Meditations with Native American elders
  •   The Medicine Wheel and 12 steps
  •   The Red Road to Wellbriety in the Native American way
  •   Talking Circles
  •   Sweat Lodge ceremonies

Best Drug Rehabilitation treats the whole person, including emotional and physical health, along with incorporating the unique emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual. Creating well-rounded clean and sober individuals remains a top priority of our programs and groups.

For example, using Indigenous Path components, we help clients adjust their overall focus to return to “Mino Mikana,” the “Good Path.” Our Native American sessions offer recovering addicts support, coping techniques and the ability to participate in local Wellbriety Circles.

Traditional cultural activities, such as Sweat Lodge ceremonies, allow recovering Native American addicts to relocate and reactivate their cultural roots. This reconnection manages and minimizes “inter-generational trauma,” as well as more current situations that fueled addiction.

Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help

Best Drug Rehabilitation encourages clients to participate in as many Native American Wellbriety Movement activities and programs, as informed graduates of the Indigenous Path program, as they wish. Graduates typically continue to adopt good habits and cement belief in their new life of wellness and sobriety.

Native American programs complement and enhance treatment, creating well-rounded, confident, and long-term productive members of society. While Native Americans can benefit from other successful programs we offer, choosing programs and treatment options designed with their cultural history in mind, often generates a higher internal commitment to and long-term belief in sobriety to live a comfortable, productive, satisfying life.

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