Find Serenity with Massage Therapy

Substance abuse is a serious problem that requires a multi-pronged attack to beat the addiction. Taking a holistic approach to healing involves several treatment options to fight the temptation to continue using drugs after eliminating the substance from the body. Massage therapy is a useful addition to treatment due to the serene nature of the healing motions.

Massage Therapy Basics

Using massage therapy as a treatment in addiction refers to the activity as a holistic healing solution. Holistic healing is a type of natural healing that allows the body to recover from the damage of drug abuse.

The use of massage therapy in addiction treatment focuses on stress relief, muscle relaxation, and reducing the cravings to take the drugs. As the body relaxes, the mind is able to reach a serene state and the worries that cause stress fall away.

Since stress, anxiety, and other negative emotional states are a major cause of addiction or relapse, the therapy is useful in fighting major causes of addiction. Massage is a natural way to reach for serenity and relieve the mind of worries that otherwise cause harm to the body.

Benefits of Massage

During addiction treatment at Best Drug Rehabilitation, it is important to seek holistic methods of solving problems. Addiction has several potential causes, including physical pain and emotional distress. Massage therapy is a useful treatment due to the positive benefits on the body.

The benefits of regular massage during treatment for addiction include:

  • Reduced cravings for any substance
  • Relaxation of the muscles
  • Pain relief related to muscles and nerves
  • Increased immune system activity
  • Holistic healing of the body
  • Reduced feelings of worry, anxiety, depression, or stress


Due to the many advantages of a professional body rub, Best Drug Rehabilitation includes the natural healing in treatment programs. It is beneficial to physical health, emotional health and the challenging fight to remain drug free.

Reaching a Serene State of Mind

The emotional effects of addiction are difficult to overcome. Throughout treatment for addiction, individuals will talk to a counselor and receive several potential solutions to fight the challenges. A key emotional goal is showing that pleasure does not necessarily need to come from a substance and that it is possible to feel serene and relaxed without drugs.

Massage therapy provides feelings of pleasure as the muscles relax, the mind releases negative emotions, and healing hands provide comfort to painful areas of the body. The feeling of pleasure from massage is able to help individuals avoid emotional cravings.

Since emotional cravings are a major part of relapsing on the drug, the ability to reduce the cravings and feel pleasure is a key part of healing. The therapy is designed to fight the emotional impact of drugs or alcohol.

Reaching a serene state of mind comes from the relaxation and the lack of negative emotions. When the muscles are encouraged to relax, the mind is able to release the negative emotions that prevent serenity in life. Relaxed muscles, the release of negative emotions and the reduced cravings will result in feelings of serenity and emotional freedom. Massage therapy is a key element in reaching a emotional state that is able to continue fighting addiction.

We Can Help

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, therapeutic massage is used in conjunction with other treatment solutions to overcome addiction. It is possible to reach for serenity with holistic treatment solutions in a rehab program.

Substance abuse can alter the mind and make serenity a challenge. Reaching a serene state of mind and feeling comfortable requires more than the basic counseling and educational programs. Best Drug Rehabilitation recognizes the need to include holistic treatment that makes it easier to reduce stress and obtain freedom from emotional cravings.

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