Anger Management Classes

Best Drug Rehabilitation makes handling emotional tone levels easier with anger management classes

There are many emotions that can be a force in constructive growth or personal destruction. Leading to pain, anguish, grief, apathy and remorse. For many drug and alcohol addicts, anger has become a negative force in their lives leading to pain, anguish, and hurt. When these emotions are out of control, it causes family, work and relationship problems and furthers the cycle of abuse and addiction. Learning how to handle emotion and constructively addressing the underlying causes for emotional upset is essential to a successful rehabilitation program. Anger management classes can be a pivotal part of rehabilitation. These classes teach you how to control your anger and use it as a force of constructive growth.

Best Drug Rehabilitation helps individuals learn to handle emotion before it controls them. Classes and education help recovering addicts breakthrough the cycle of addiction and identify the underlying causes for their drug or alcohol abuse. For many individuals, their drug abuse is linked with uncontrolled anger at people and past events in their lives.

Changing the Way Individuals Think About Their Ups and Downs in Emotions

During anger management classes at Best Drug Rehabilitation, a certified educator will work with recovering addicts to change the way they think about emotion. The first step is identifying the root cause for the emotional upsets. For example, some individuals may repeatedly become frustrated on a daily basis. While environmental causes, like a long line at the grocery store or gridlock traffic, may be leading to this frustration, the actual root cause may be something entirely different. Deeply ingrained hurt and emotion over a personal loss or abuse may be the actual cause. By identifying this cause, a educator can then help an individual find their own response to daily upsets.

Strategies for Handling Emotion

One-on-one counseling helps teach individuals effective strategies for handling emotion. These strategies include:

  • Creative thinking and problem solving:
    • Counselors will help individuals learn strategies for effectively addressing situations in their daily lives that causes anger. While individuals cannot control all aspects of their environment, they can control their response. Problem solving strategies help individuals find creative solutions for expressing their emotions without hurting those around them.
  • Better communication:
    • Best Drug Rehabilitation teaches individuals how to effectively communicate with others. Communication strategies for constructive conversations ensure productive dialogue rather than a screaming match.
  • Breathing through emotional upsets:
    • Taking a deep breath, counting to ten, or visualizing something positive are all strategies for managing anger as it begins to boil up inside an individual. During one-on-one counseling, the counselor and client practice responding to different scenarios, using breathing exercises to find calm in the chaos.

We Can Help

While emotional upsets cannot simply be “eliminated”, through one-on-one education, Best Drug Rehabilitation helps individuals identify the root causes for their anger and learn strategies for effectively handling anger. This helps to stop the cycle of addiction and abuse.


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