People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need to seek outside help to overcome the difficulty of fighting their addictions. Many drug rehabilitation programs have now incorporated different types of groups into their patients’ treatment programs. These groups help by giving those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol new tools to live by once they are out of treatment and on their own again. If you are currently seeking a successful program for drug or alcohol treatment, look into the groups that are offered at Best Drug Rehabilitation. These are a great benefit to patients since everyone recovers in their own way. With many different groups available, patients can find their own unique way to overcoming their addictions.

Music and Art

Music And Art At Best Drug RehabilitationMusic and Art groups are a great way for patients to explore their emotions that they are not able to express verbally. Many of these emotions have been pinned up and may have played a big part of their addiction. Music offers a calming effect for most patients, and is either performed live during a session or patients can simply listen to different kinds of music to help with the calming effect. Many patients even enjoy writing their own music, because they find that it also helps relieve stress by letting them express emotions they usually can’t express freely. There is no previous experience required to participate in the music or art groups. Read more about our music group here or our art group here.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Physical Fitness and Nutrition go hand in hand. For those who are suffering from addiction, learning to get more active may be the perfect answer. Most new patients will benefit from this group because their bodies have suffered due to drug abuse. As soon as a proper nutrition and exercise routine are put into effect they will notice a considerable difference in how they feel. Read more about our physical fitness group here or our nutrition group here.

Martial Arts and Yoga (Excercise Fitness)

Martial Arts and Yoga fitness both offer a calming effect for our patients. With recovering addicts coming to us from stressful situations, this group helps them learn new successful ways to achieve progress, as well as physical well-being. Read more about our martial arts group here or our yoga group here.

Resume Writing and GED

Resume writing as well as the GED groups will help patients be able to survive in the professional world and help them find a job after they complete our program. This particular group is a very important part of becoming successful upon completion of our program. Read more about our resume writing group here or our GED group here.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention will address relapse causes and will teach different effective ways to recognize warning signs. It will help each individual learn methods during difficult times. Read more about our relapse prevention group here.

Handling Individual Emotional Tone levels

Handling anger will help all recovering addicts. Most will experience anger in some form, and this can greatly increase the risk of relapse since anger is a major causes for most drug addiction. This group will benefit all addicts and help them to be able to address their hostile feelings without feeling as though they need to turn to drugs. Read more about our handling anger group here.

Transitional Living

We provide transitional living services by offering housing as well as ongoing support to help get our patients established living on their own after completing the initial drug rehabilitation program. Read more about our transitional living group here.

Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic Treatment At Best Drug RehabilitationThere are many therapeutic treatments available including acupuncture and massages. All of these help with calming the mind as well as relaxing the body. This all greatly helps in the drug rehabilitation process especially during detox. You can learn more about our acupuncture group by clicking here.

Financial Planning and Problem Solving

To help our patients achieve their goals of returning to society, we offer financial planning groups that will help them be prepared to deal with any financial situation or problems that may arise when they are back out on their own. Creative thinking will also be included in the groups to help deal with problem solving. Read more about our financial planning group here or our problem solving group here.

12 Step AA/NA

The 12 Step AA and NA differ a bit in how they are organized.

Many patients still choose to go with the 12 step AA and NA; it depends on the individual and how they can deal with their own personal recovery. Read more about our 12 step group here or our recovery group here.

We Can Help

With our extensive therapy options and groups offered, we believe we are equipped to assist anyone who currently needs help with their drug addiction. Best Drug Rehabilitation will help you put stability back into your life, and continue on your journey as a drug-free individual. If you or a loved one need help, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we can start the healing today. Don’t wait until it’s too late; get the help you need now.

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