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Finding Addiction Treatment in Glen Arbor Can Be Difficult. Best Drug Rehabilitation is Here to Help.

If you or a loved one have struggled with addiction, then you understand the devastating impact that it can have on the addict, his or her family, and the community, as a whole. Across the nation, new trends in substance abuse have caused an increase in overdoses, many of which have been fatal. As state, local, and federal officials work to combat the influx of drugs into cities and towns, it is now more important than ever to seek help with your battle against substance abuse. If you are fighting addiction in Glen Arbor, Michigan, please reach out for help today.

Population & General Information – Glen Arbor, Michigan

Though Glen Arbor, Michigan has a small population of fewer than 800 people, the area attracts countless tourists every year. During peak travel season, the small town’s population practically triples due to the influx of visitors. The Township, which is located in Leelanau County, is located on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Notably, astronauts use this preserved land as a prominent and visible landmark from space.

The natural splendor of this area recently earned it the title of “Most Beautiful Place in America,” according to the popular television show Good Morning America. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the region’s beaches, golf courses, waterskiing, hiking, watersports, and fishing opportunities that are provided by both Lake Michigan and Glen Lake. These two bodies of water border the peninsula on which Glen Arbor sits. Tourists also enjoy Glen Arbor in the colder months, when hunting and downhill skiing outings are ample.

The name “Glen Arbor” originated from the wife of an early settler and fur trader in the 1840’s. Grape vines grew upon many of the region’s trees, so they were inspired to call the place Glen Arbor. After this time, the area’s population grew with the introduction of commercial opportunities at local sawmills and canneries. During the early 1900’s, tourist boosted the region’s prosperity to that which it enjoys today.

Despite its scenic and beautiful setting, Glen Arbor has been hit by the same drug abuse epidemic that is sweeping the nation.

Substance Abuse in Glen Arbor, Michigan

In a four-year span, between 1999 and 2002, Michigan only saw 271 Heroin overdose deaths. Unfortunately, in a recent two-year span, from 2010 to 2012, the number of Heroin-related fatalities increased to 728. This increase in Heroin abuse has not been limited to Michigan residents. Across the United States, addicts and their families are suffering the devastating consequences caused by this highly addictive drug.
Staff at a local addiction treatment center near Glen Arbor recently explained that Heroin does not discriminate against its victims. Unlike other substances of abuse, the counselors have seen Heroin impact people of all races, ages, genders, and socioeconomic statuses.

The source of this uptick in Heroin abuse is the wide availability of prescription painkillers. Countless unwitting patients have become addicted to these Opiate medications when they are prescribed the pills by a physician. Because these drugs, such as Vicodin or Percocet, were once touted as a safe form of pain management, physicians began prescribing them at record levels. Pharmaceutical companies continued to push these medications, even after initial evidence proved their addictive nature.

Unfortunately, many patients were left suffering with an addiction to painkillers. When their original prescriptions became unavailable, many turned to “doctor shopping” or the streets to obtain the drugs. If this practice became too expensive, addicts often tried Heroin as a similar, yet cheaper and more potent, alternative.

To combat this deadly trend in Opiate abuse, local officials, community groups, and area residents are fighting back. Recently, two bills were introduced into the Michigan House and Senate, which would allow Naloxone to be sold without a prescription. Naloxone, otherwise known as Narcan, is the lifesaving antidote to an Opiate overdose.

Furthermore, the Traverse Bay Area Coalition, which represents five surrounding counties, including Leelanau, have taken strides to educate the public on the dangers of substance abuse. They hope that these measures will prevent the drug abuse epidemic from damaging any more lives.

Leelanau County has also helped fund the Traverse Narcotics Team (TNT) to help reduce the prevalence of drug abuse (including Heroin and Methamphetamines), in Glen Arbor and surrounding areas. One of the most important functions of all of these community members is to protect area children from the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. In Glen Arbor, officials have noted that most of the crimes committed by teenagers are done under the influence of drugs. By stemming the flow of drugs into Glen Arbor and by educating its residents, the community hopes to stop substance abuse in its tracks.

Substance Abuse Resources in Glen Arbor, Michigan

Substance abuse and addiction have devastated addicts and their families across the country. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol dependence, don’t let another day slip by without reaching out for help. Not only will you become healthier and happier, your loved ones will also gain some peace of mind.  To find a local treatment facility, please feel free to contact us.

The Glen Arbor area also hosts several Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings for addicts and individuals in recovery.

To help your community in the fight against substance abuse, find a local prescription medication disposal facility close to you. Taking this step will help ensure that painkillers don’t end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, proper recycling of medications will help your environment and local water supply remain clean and safe. So, remember not to flush any medications down the drain.

For more information on Glen Arbor, Michigan, its substance abuse issues, as well as local treatment options, please feel free to contact us, or one of the above-listed treatment facilities, today.

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