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For countless families across the United States, substance abuse has cost them the life of a loved one. As drug and alcohol related overdoses and fatalities increase across the nation, many communities are left to deal with the fallout caused by this substance abuse trend. As state, local, and federal officials are still working to clean up classic drugs of abuse, such as Cocaine and Methamphetamines, many are now also focusing on Opiate abuse.

As with any addiction, Opiate use is extremely dangerous. Unlike other substances, however, abuse of Heroin and prescription painkillers has seen no boundaries. Members of every race, gender, age group, and socioeconomic status have been negatively impacted. Unfortunately, Michigan has been no exception; even its smallest towns, such as Eastlake, have been hit by the wake of devastation caused by addiction.

About the Area – Eastlake, Michigan

Eastlake is a unique village that lies within the borders of Manistee County, Michigan. Though it was incorporated a bit later than many surrounding areas, it was eventually created under Michigan’s Home Rule Village Act. This means that a village can draft and adopt a charter for its own specific government. In 1912, the village of Eastlake used this law to become an officially incorporated area.

Today, Eastlake makes up a small section of Manistee County, claiming just over 1.5 square miles of total land area. About 231 households (or 557 individuals) call this small tract of land home. Much like its neighboring regions, a large portion of this population (up to 40%) works in the manufacturing industry. The estimated median household income has risen steadily throughout the years, and currently sits at approximately $47,000.00. This figure represents an increase from the year 2000, when the median household income was at nearly $32,000.00.

Eastlake is, unsurprisingly, located just east of Manistee Lake. This region is popular among tourists and local residents for its recreational opportunities. Many people travel to this area to partake in hiking, hunting, fishing, watersports, camping, boating, and other outdoor activities.

Despite its rural and serene nature, Eastlake and Manistee County have not been left untouched by the country’s growing substances abuse issues.

Substance Abuse in Eastlake, Michigan

In 2012 alone, Michigan experienced approximately 941 drug overdose deaths. While some fatalities were considered suicide, the majority of deaths were caused by unintentional overdoses. Twenty percent of these overdoses were caused directly by Opiate-based drugs, such as prescription painkillers, Heroin, and Fentanyl. This represents a 9% increase from 1999. Other substances of abuse include:

  • Cocaine;
  • Methamphetamines;
  • Xanax;
  • Vicodin;
  • Percocet;
  • Marijuana; and

In Manistee County alone, there were approximately 10 drug overdose deaths for every 100,000 residents. Sadly, Manistee County and Eastlake follow the national trend, with the majority of these deaths being caused by Heroin or other Opiates.

The rising tide in Opiate abuse largely stems from the prescribing practices of area physicians. When pharmaceutical companies initially introduced prescription painkillers, they were originally considered a safe form of pain management. As such, doctors began prescribing the medication at record levels. Unfortunately, the addictive nature of the substance caused countless overdoses across the nation.

In an effort to seek a stronger high, or to reduce the cost of substance abuse, many of these addicts turned to other alternatives, such as Heroin. Though the drug is cheaper, it is much more potent. This is one reason for the uptick in the drug-related death toll.

Just as local officials are coming to terms with this epidemic, they are now facing a new threat: Fentanyl. This extremely potent Opiate is much stronger than similar substances and is often mixed with Heroin, unbeknownst to the user. This, in turn, has caused a significant amount of overdose deaths throughout Michigan, Manistee County, and even small towns like Eastlake.

The grip of Opiate addiction is so strong, it seems as though no one is immune. Even upstanding professionals, such as a local Michigan police officer, have succumbed to the lethal consequences associated with Opiates. Drug abuse is now no longer an issue that is contained in big cities. Small regions, such as Eastlake, have been impacted by the tidal wave that is substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Resources in Eastlake, Michigan

Drug and alcohol abuse can impact a person’s perception, decision-making processes, motor control, and judgment. As such, many addicts feel as though they are stuck in an endless cycle of abuse. All too often, attempts to remain sober are thwarted by a substance abusers physical and mental addiction to the drug. If you or a loved one are experiencing issues with drug or alcohol dependence, reach out for help today. Take the first step and contact us.

The area also offers some resources including:

Be Da Bin Behavioral Health Program in Manistee, MI

Cedars Rehabilitation in Manistee, MI

Catholic Human Services, Inc. in Manistee, MI

Current addicts and those in recovery can also attend any number of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings that are available right in the Eastlake area, as well as locations throughout Manistee County. Many substance abusers find that these meetings are a great addition to their aftercare program upon graduation from an inpatient facility. Some of these meetings are also open to friends, family members, and loved ones of addicts, as an added layer of support.

Another great way to help prevent substance abuse issues in the Eastlake area is to properly dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired prescription medications. Studies show that the majority of young people obtain prescription drugs from a friend or family member. To avoid the possibility of your prescriptions getting into the wrong hands, ensure that they are properly recycled. Additionally, proper disposal will help keep the local environment and water sources clean.

If you or a loved one are looking for more information on Eastlake, Michigan, its substance abuse battle, or local resources for help, please feel free to contact us, or one of the above-listed treatment facilities today. A healthy, happy, and drug free future starts with just one phone call.

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