Residential Rehabilitation

Residential rehab is a safe haven and a healthy environment in which to change a life

Residential Rehabilitation Addiction Treatment

A residential rehabilitation center is a facility that stands alone and specializes in the treatment of drug or alcohol abuse or a combination of both. Most severely addicted addicts require the services a residential treatment center can give them to break the addiction and start life over, free from drugs and alcohol.

What is Included in Residential Rehabilitation Addiction Treatment?

Clients reside at a residential facility 24 hours a day while undergoing the care and treatment by qualified professionals. Some residential facilities offer different levels of treatment, but the program can encompass a partial hospitalization plan to overcome the addiction ultimately. Outpatient and ongoing care may also be provided, but the primary focus of a residential treatment facility is 24-hour care. The staff at these facilities, such as Best Drug Rehabilitation, are on-site medical staff and addiction specialists. Some treatments offered at residential facilities include long-term residential treatment which is designed for addicts who have had a relapse, or an outpatient setting has failed to be successful. Long-term residential facilities could be the answer. The stay is up to 90 days and can extend up to a year. Types of treatments available in residential treatment programs are:

  • Addiction Recovery Group Therapy: This typically focuses on seven to 12 individuals in a group setting who may deal with the same issues or addictions. This is a safe environment for recovering addicts to open up about problems and bond with other recovering addicts.
  • Individual Drug Counseling: This therapy involves the client and a counselor to meet in private to explore issues that may have led to the addiction.
  • Family Therapy: Addiction affects an entire family. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, the whole family is included in the therapy program that is customized to fit the client’s individual needs. The goal of family therapy is to make the family unit stronger through understanding how addiction has disrupted their lives and what steps to take to create a new life together.
  • Vocational Training: This is a type of discovery for the client through a comprehensive assessment of skills, abilities, aptitudes, and interests. This therapy prepares and assists the client with matching them to a new job once they leave the residential facility. Groups on behavior, anger management, and money management are also offered.
  • Occupational Therapy: This allows the client to improve abilities through everyday tasks in a living and working environment. This may help teach computer programs, increase physical endurance and strength, increase short-term memory, practice abstract thinking, perception and coordination.
  • Lectures: Delivering useful information to recovering addicts, preparing them to re-enter a normal life. Lectures work to motivate and educate through group and individual therapies.
  • Experiential Therapy: This is a combination of family and conscious decision-making models. It teaches how to make conscious and unconscious decisions that help move the client toward a new life. Some techniques used include yoga, art therapy, and how to express feelings more freely.
  • Meditation: This has been practiced for thousands of years and works to bring one’s mind to the present state of being. It also produces a calm, relaxed environment for the body and mind. Mindful and concentrated meditation helps the recovering addict to focus and helps promote healing.

Let Best Drug Rehabilitation Help

A residential rehabilitation program requires the client to be serious about recovering from addiction. It is a safe and healthy environment in which to change a life. With concentrated and customized treatment plans based on the type and severity of the addiction, Best Drug Rehabilitation can heal the body, mind, and spirit of someone who genuinely wants to break the cycle of addictive drugs and alcohol.

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