While it may seem difficult or impossible, repairing relationships after addiction is possible and rewarding.

Addiction is a severe chronic disease that can negatively impact a person’s life, health, and relationships. More often than not, many addicts find that many of their relationships are damaged and need to be repaired. Rebuilding relationships after addiction is possible and rewarding, although it may seem difficult or impossible.

The Effects of Addiction

When you think of addiction, you probably think of how the person who is using drugs or alcohol is affected. Addiction can ruin lives in more ways than one. However, the effects of addiction don’t stop at just the user. The user’s family, friends and loved ones can all be affected by substance abuse and can cause stress to the people living in the family home and those close to the addict.

Addiction can cause the user to behave irrationally, deceivingly and erratically. Their behaviors affect those around them and can result in loss of friendships, damage to family relationships and loss of trust. Someone who is in active addiction may lie about how much they are drinking or how many drugs they are taking. This is very common and is one of the signs that addiction is currently occurring. Addicts tend to do whatever it takes to get money to fuel their addiction.

Family members may try to step in and help their loved one by doing an intervention or sending them to rehab. No matter how good the intention is, sometimes the addict will be very good at persuading the family members that they don’t need help and that their alcohol or drug abuse was a one-time thing. More often than not, it was not a one-time thing, and they will go and do it again. Furthermore, several family members will have different points of view on how to handle the situation. Some may think they need to be helped every step of the way, while others feel they need to take a tougher stance and be strict with the addict. When family members disagree on how to help the addict, more harm can be done than good.

Rebuilding Relationships

The most important aspect of rebuilding relationships in recovery is to restore the trust between the addict and their family members and friends. Professional help is necessary for those who are struggling with an addiction to learn how to live a life of sobriety along with taking responsibility for the actions they had done while they were under the influence. Addicts need to understand that their life will not automatically get 100 percent better as soon as they stop using drugs or alcohol, or go through detox, or even when they complete their entire treatment program. They will need to be able and willing to take responsibility for the aftermath they have caused while they were using drugs or alcohol. While they do have a disease, that does not excuse the harm that had been caused to relationships with close friends, family members, and partners. Several different techniques can be used to help rebuild relationships and provide relationship advice during recovery, and there are a few key points to remember:

  • Get rid of unhealthy relationships. It’s important to eliminate unhealthy relationships so the addict can move forward with their recovery. Unhealthy relationships include past dealers, friends who they used to use drugs or drink alcohol with, friends who want them to do drugs or drink alcohol, etc.
  • Rebuilding trust takes time. Rebuilding trust with those who the addict had hurt will take time. Proving that one has changed and is serious about being sober for the long-term, along with making amends will help gain back the trust of loved ones and close friends.
  • Make sure to set realistic expectations. It would be unrealistic to think that everything will go back to normal as soon as one leaves rehab. Things will be different, and it will take time to resolve the issues that had been created.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively. Communication is important in any circumstance, but more so in recovery. Learning how to listen to what others are saying and understanding what they have to will help a person become a better communicator.

Find out more about Rebuilding Relationships at Best Drug Rehabilitation

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we understand just exactly what it takes to fully recover and heal from the downward spiral that is drug or alcohol addiction and all that is involved with it. Our methods have proven to be very successful. We do our absolute best to offer a unique approach to addiction treatment that encompasses all of the very many different aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual issues involved in addiction. If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction or would like to learn more about rebuilding relationships and how it can be incorporated into your recovery treatment plan, please contact us at our toll-free number.

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