Physical Dependence

Addiction can often lead to physical dependency problems

Alcohol and drug use can lead to physical dependence with severe side effects. These problems cause users to continue their destructive behaviors to cope with the physical impact on their bodies, as well as the emotional trauma. This becomes a vicious cycle of addiction where alcoholics and drug addicts that attempt to stop cannot do so by themselves. Best Drug Rehabilitation recognizes the physical dependency of alcohol and drug use and offers a treatment solution to overcome these struggles.


physical dependence

Alcohol has a long list of physical side effects, both for immediate use and long-term health problems. Drinkers experience hangover effects such as headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The most dangerous effect from drinking can be alcohol poisoning which leads to unconsciousness, breathing problems, and even death. Unable to control themselves, many alcoholics die from excessive binge drinking that leads to alcohol poisoning.

Long-term Health

Alcohol can result in high blood pressure, a depressed immune system, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, dementia, and organ damage. Drinking often negatively impacts the body’s nutrition and causes many health problems. Many people are not even aware of these long-term health effects that result from a physical dependence on drinking. Cancers most commonly associated with alcoholism include esophageal, liver, colon, and breast cancer.


Pregnancy is also severely impacted by drinking. Female drinkers put their future children in grave danger of fetal alcohol syndrome that can lead to emotional retardation. Drinking during pregnancy also increases the likelihood of behavioral problems in children. While women are told not to drink during pregnancy, the struggles with physical dependence on alcohol lead to these devastating effects.

Physical Dependence

Alcoholics experience such strong physical dependency that drinking becomes necessary to cope with everything from day-to-day life affairs to psychological issues. Alcohol leads to depression, anxiety, and isolation. In turn, these factors also disrupt family relationships, work, and social lives. Even as alcoholics watch their lives go to ruin, they cannot give up their dependence on using alcohol and drinking more to cope with their pain and guilt.


All drugs have physical dependence risks and side effects, ranging from short to long-term problems and death. Different drugs have varying levels of dependency and physical impacts. Many drug users also drink as well. Alcohol can expand the effects of drugs and cause even more damage to the body.

Prescription Drugs

Even when used as prescribed, prescription drugs can still have severe side effects on the body. When these drugs are abused the problems become far more dangerous and can lead to overdose and death. Many abused prescription drugs leave the body unable to function, impairing movements, causing severe pain, and disrupting any sense of reality.


Cocaine users experience problems with heart rate, breathing, sleeping, and loss of appetite. Physical effects also include cold sweats, nausea, and vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, as well as swelling and bleeding of mucous membranes. Cocaine can cause heart attacks whether injected or inhaled through the nasal passages. Cocaine use leads to malnutrition and causes typical health problems as a result of lacking nutrients and calories. A cocaine overdose can prove to be fatal.


Narcotics are typically associated with respiratory and circulatory depression and severe withdrawal. Users can experience physical problems ranging from dizziness and constipation to impotence and seizures. Narcotic overdose can be extremely dangerous, shutting down the respiratory system and preventing users from breathing.

Psychedelics and Stimulants

LSD and amphetamines have typical health impacts on heart rate and can cause disorientation. However, they can also lead to psychosis and paranoia. LSD can have such severe long-term effects that even well after stopping, users still experience hallucinations and psychosis problems.

Drug Addiction

The physical dependency on drugs leads users to addictive behaviors. Many of the side effects become so severe that addicts keep taking the drugs to cope with the withdrawal effects. Without adequate treatment and detox, drug addicts further their physical dependence, bring harm to their bodies and health and increase their chances of death.


The most important step alcoholics and drug addicts can take are to enter a rehabilitation center and go through a detox program. By cleansing the body of harmful toxins, clients can start returning to their normal functioning. The detox process can be complicated. Best Drug Rehabilitation helps drug addicts with severe withdrawal effects by offering 24-hour medical supervision.Clients are also provided natural care with vitamins, proper nutrition, massage therapy, and acupuncture. By healing the body, clients begin to combat the withdrawal effects and cravings, preparing themselves for a recovery program without drugs or alcohol.

We Can Help End the Cycle

Many alcoholics and drug addicts have attempted to stop unsuccessfully, and some have even tried rehabilitation treatment before. Best Drug Rehabilitation offers a new approach to ending the cycle of addiction. By giving clients the freedom to choose their own recovery program and using natural solutions, addicts find their path to healing with the caring support of counselors.

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