Long-Term Rehab Centers

Who Needs Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

long-term rehab

Long-term rehab centers offer a solid chance for a healthy life free from drugs and alcohol. While some people will give up at rehabilitation, others will succeed. One thing is sure. If treatment is not sought at a qualified rehabilitation center, like Best Drug Rehabilitation, the chances of having a healthy life free from substance abuse are slim for the one who has the chronic illness of addiction.

There are many stories about people with addictions. Some have a happy ending while others end tragically. Many are still in the process of determining triumphs or failures, but all of them at one time or another have had the same wish – successful addiction treatment and being clean and sober. The roller coaster ups and downs for those addicted to drugs or alcohol, as well as their family members are sometimes more than they can bear and they only give up.

Many substance abusers do not realize they have a severe addiction until it is too late and they have no control over their life. Addiction is chronic and should be monitored throughout life once the rehabilitation program has ended. A long-term treatment program represents real help for the recovering addict and gives them hope of reclaiming their lives.

Who’s at Risk for a Relapse?

Many substance abusers choose not to enter long-term rehab centers, believing that with a short-term detox and treatment they will be clean and sober forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someone addicted to drugs or alcohol needs an intensive program that is customized to fit their needs and their personality. If the time is not invested, the recovery skills are weak, and they may not be strong enough to resist the cravings that can cause a relapse. Some recovering addicts are more prone to relapse especially if any of the following apply:

  • Emotional illness is present along with a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Has relapsed back into drug use after completing an inpatient or outpatient program
  • Home life is stressful, or drug use is prevalent in the neighborhood or home
  • Began using drugs at a young age and find it difficult to structure life without them

One of the saddest facts about drug addiction is that by the time the addict realizes they need serious help to break the addiction, it has already taken a heavy toll on other family members. The impact on loved ones who watch the effects of addiction is immeasurable.

Many times hearts are broken just trying to convince the addict to get help. Arguing won’t help. The user will believe you are wrong and until they realize it for themselves, you will always be a mistake. It makes no difference how many people try to talk to them, those who seek to rationalize and prove their opinions will still be wrong in the mind of a substance abuser.

Where to Find Long-Term Rehab Centers

If the addict refuses help and all treatment, they likely will continue down the path of destruction that could eventually lead to prison or death. If at all possible, seek help for them while recovery is still possible. This is the best thing you can do. Seek professional help and get them into a licensed long-term addiction treatment facility. Be supportive and a source of emotional support.

Many times the habit has led to legal problems and arrest records. The court system will sometimes require a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center as part of the rehabilitative process. If that is not the case, several sources within a community can recommend a reputable facility such as Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Besides government agencies, talk to clergy or local educators. Many times, an employer is required to offer assistance through rehabilitation. Many insurance companies provide some support or coverage for treatment plans. Talk to a physician. They are skilled and can provide advice on many facilities and programs.

We Can Help

Contact a facility directly to determine how they can help the addict and their family. Facilities, such as Best Drug Rehabilitation can offer customized long-term care for those addicted to a substance.

Sometimes tough love is the hardest to show, but breaking the cycle of abuse is extremely critical to the life of a substance abuser. Once he or she has received help, they will realize there is no life when it involves an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, there is hope for real happiness free from addiction. Life can be saved and started over again through long-term rehab.

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