Holistic Drug Rehab

How Holistic Drug Rehab heals the body, mind, and spirit for total recovery.

holistic drug rehab programs

In the United States, drug and alcohol addictions run rampant from coast to coast and few of the millions of addicts get the treatment they need to save their lives. According to the Florida Institute of Technology, statistics show that even though drug and alcohol addiction is treatable, it is estimated that 35 of 36 alcoholics never seek or receive any treatment. This number significantly increases when drug addiction statistics are included.  At Best Drug Rehabilitation we help addicts overcome their addictions with a variety of programs such as holistic drug rehab programs and many others.

When a person becomes an addict, every aspect of their life changes. They become distant from family, friends, and religious practices. They will also suffer poor health due to appetite changes and from the toxins in the substance being abused. Holistic drug rehabilitation can address each of these aspects of the addiction and is the drug rehabilitation you need to change your complete way of life, not just the physical side of the addiction.

Hard Realizations

What family members, friends, and users need to realize is that there are treatments to help users quit their addiction. Both drug and alcohol addictions produce severe physical and emotional health issues, and if an addict does not stop using them, the amount of damage done to a body and mind is often irreversible.

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction can be done.  The first step is admitting there is an addiction problem, and when they come to terms with that, they’ll be stronger mentally to overcome their addiction. Here’s a list of the most common types of holistic drug rehab components that address any addiction:

  • Nutritious meals and nutritional guidance.
  • Fitness and exercise routines.
  • Music and art therapy.
  • Vitamin therapy.
  • Life skills training.
  • Massage, yoga, acupuncture, meditation.
  • Spirituality or faith-based programs.

In addition to the above options, there are others such as financial planning, communication skills, parenting, GED preparation, and much more.

Holistic therapy focuses on the four top reasons why people use drugs or alcohol in excess.  Of course, there are thousands of reasons for addictions, as each person has their unique issues, but in most cases, these four reasons are predominant:

  1. An inability to cope with current problems in their life.
  2. Holding on to unresolved past events.
  3. Chemical imbalances and nutritional deficiency.
  4. Unfounded beliefs that are inconsistent with truth.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, our program is designed to address each of these four areas individually, along with many other factors that contribute to a person’s substance abuse.  Through counseling, nutritional guidance, and confidence building and skills building activities, our clients resolve these issues and learn more effective methods for staying free from addictive substances.  When they graduate from our program, they have gained renewed self-worth, improved physical and mental well-being, and a determination to succeed.

Importance of Nutrition and Vitamins in Recovery

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they starve their bodies of essential nutrients as they often don’t eat healthy meals as a normal, healthy individual. Therefore, when an addict desires to overcome their addiction, they find the withdrawal symptoms during detoxification are nearly unbearable. Their bodies are not used to not having drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream, and they lack essential nutrients to keep the body running smoothly.  For this reason, our nutritional guidance program helps clients learn how to continue preparing nutritious meals after leaving the program.  The healthier and stronger their body, the less likely they are to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Holistic drug rehab includes a variety of approaches that improve a person’s physical condition, helps eliminate negative emotional issues.  Learn more about the holistic addiction program at Best Drug Rehabilitation by calling our toll-free number today.

Goal of Holistic Drug Rehab Programs

Holistic drug rehabilitation seeks to rehabilitate the mind, body, and spirit. It is not like any other rehab. This rehab not only focuses on the person’s spiritual well-being, but it also addresses their diet, exercise, and the all-around health of the individual.

During holistic drug rehabilitation, you will be given a chance to gain strength physically, spiritually, and mentally and increase the ability to overcome your addiction and live a healthier life after treatment. Holistic drug rehabilitation is more than just a treatment; it is a complete makeover.

Holistic drug rehab helps a person become emotionally stable, physically healed, and mentally capable of making good decisions about avoiding drugs. Studies show that the holistic track is effective. The first steps toward a brighter future have become so much easier thanks to holistic drug rehabilitation, and at Best Drug Rehabilitation, you can get the treatment you need to overcome this addiction.

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