Is Faith-Based Rehabilitation Right For Me?

We offer several avenues to pursue spiritual enlightenment as an optional part of a recovery program.

faith-based rehab

Successful recovery is much more than physically putting down the drink or drugs. It involves learning new behaviors and retraining the mind. It can also mean paying attention to the soul. Best Drug Rehabilitation’s recovery programs touch on all three aspects that can be so vital to recovery: the body, the mind, and the spirit. We offer several avenues to pursue spiritual enlightenment as an optional part of a recovery program with a faith-based component clients can choose in the course of their treatment plan.

Our Faith-Based Rehab Program Options

Our faith-based recovery plans encourage clients to draw upon their religious background and beliefs to supplement their overall recovery program. Faith can provide an incredibly strong element of support during the recovery process to go forward and enjoy a life of continuous sobriety.

Just as each of our recovery programs is tailored to each client’s individual needs, our faith-based components can include any beliefs or religion. We have a multitude of religious groups available that use aspects of each religion to fortify recovery.

Religious groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Buddhist: Focus on meditation, yoga, relaxation techniques, and a holistic journey
  • Catholic: Mass and on-site priests for confessionals
  • Christian: Focus on a new life in recovery, therapeutic prayer, and the celebration of recovery
  • Muslim: Focus on prayer through the teachings of the Koran
  • Native American: Use of Native American spiritual beliefs, with the option of including materials and methods developed for the Native American Wellbriety movement
  • Judaism: Focus on prayer and religious teachings

Whatever is Right for You and Your Family is Best

Even if a particular religion or belief system is not mentioned, that does not mean we do not welcome it. Best Drug Rehabilitation is open to clients using any set of spiritual beliefs or practicing any religion to supplement their recovery without interference from our staff or fellow clients.

The faith component of our recovery programs is part of the betterment activities we encourage to enhance the groups and counseling that are part of our programs. Choosing a faith-based path is entirely optional, and we have seen successful recovery emerge from those who once had faith and then lost it during their addiction.

Some clients have told our counselors they can trace their loss of faith or discontinuation of spiritual practices to the time they began their descent into drinking or drugs. We offer an opportunity to regain a lost faith, practice a well-established one, or begin a new journey down a spiritual path.

Components of our faith-based study can include:

  • Guided studies reading the text of the religion
  • Religious 12-step programs
  • Sermons and lectures by clergy and spiritual advisers
  • Mass or other religious services
  • Counseling from spiritual advisers in any particular religion

Those who are unsure whether a faith-based treatment program is right for them can always give it a try to see what results may ensue. Our faith-based treatments can be especially helpful for those with a strong faith and religious background who have already experienced the power of spiritual practices.

Benefits of a Faith-Based Rehabilitation Plan

Using a faith-based approach to recovery has many advantages, both for the recovery process and in a person’s overall life. Spiritual enhancement may be the most obvious benefit, but religious practices come with additional psychological and physical benefits. Spiritual practices may provide clients with an automatic support group comprised of other members of a congregation, religious community, or simply others who share their beliefs. Social support from such a group can be a great help during the recovery process, whether it’s to help with an issue or just simply listen.

Meditation, prayer, and spiritual customs or practices can provide a quiet place of peace and serenity. Such peace and tranquility can apply to the physical surroundings, as well as the quiet place in the mind and soul where people can retreat to escape from the chaos of daily life. Best Drug Rehabilitation can supply the physical surroundings to help achieve this tranquility, as well as opportunities to engage in the practices to obtain the emotional and spiritual peace.

Improved physical health can be another benefit of regular spiritual practices. They may provide a healing and restorative effect, as evidenced by those who may have had a spiritual experience that worked to restore emotional clarity and help heal a body ravaged by addiction.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help

While 12-step groups may not promote any one specific religion, they typically do support a belief in a higher power of a person’s choice. That higher power can become not only a sounding board for the release of inner turmoil but an excellent source of strength. This strength is vital enough to many 12-step recovery groups that reliance upon one makes up the very foundation of the program. Let Best Drug Rehabilitation make your, or your family member’s recovery as comfortable as possible. We respect all of your religious views and support any religious beliefs that you may have. Contact us today to learn about our available programs that can help win the battle with addiction.

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