Detox Programs

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers different detox programs to our patients.

People who need to go through rehabilitation for drugs or alcohol must begin by undergoing detox programs before they can begin with the treatment plan. Detox is the process of ridding the body of the alcohol or drugs that the person is addicted to and making sure that the client is physically stable.  This process must be completed before the person can enter a rehab program.

Detox Programs & Procedures

The process of a detox program is usually done under the watchful monitoring of a caregiver or health professional. Detox can be painful and dangerous, depending on the type of drug involved in the addiction. Medical detox safely monitors and manages any physical symptoms the client might experience during the withdrawal period.

At reputable rehabilitation centers, such as Best Drug Rehabilitation, medical personnel will be available to make the process of detoxification as safe and comfortable as possible for the client.  During this time, a doctor or other health professional will make an overall assessment that will be used for the detox treatment plan.

Many people mistake the detoxification process for rehabilitation. Detox is only the first step to recovery. It has no impact on the psychological, physical, or social aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. The treatment and recovery period is the process of rehabilitation when the person who has the addiction is introduced back into society without the dependency.

Detox Functions

The detox period is the most important action that a person experiences before the rehab process. Cleansing the body of toxins that drugs or alcohol has caused to accumulate is vital to the recovery period. The side effect of detox is withdrawal symptoms, and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the detox phase can last several days to up to two weeks, depending on the severity of the addiction.

Detox is the beginning treatment for addictions to heroin, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, prescription drugs, and other drugs. The detox treatment is offered at Best Drug Rehabilitation’s facility before treatment. Having professional medical help during this phase of treatment is crucial in the case of seizures, hallucinations, convulsions, or other complications that arise during the detox process.

Being free from the addiction of drugs or alcohol is not as simple as just quitting. The body is used to and expects the same dosage every day. That is what produces the symptoms of withdrawal. During this period, treatment will involve professional monitoring followed by individual or group counseling sessions. Experts support and guide the client through stress management, counseling, cravings, and other support therapies.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Can Help

A treatment program at Best Drug Rehabilitation will include several treatment options and groups once the detoxification period has passed. Drug rehabilitation is never a generic treatment; it is as individual as the clients themselves. Once the body is cleansed of the addictive substance, a client can help organize his recovery treatment plan.

Detox and rehabilitation should be done in safe, comfortable surroundings such as those provided at Best Drug Rehabilitation, and should be customized to suit each client’s needs. If the commitment to change and recover from addictive substances is a goal, choose a treatment plan that fits the individual. While detox is the first step to breaking the addiction, rehabilitation and recovery can continue until the person is strong, healthy, and ready to live a life free from substance abuse.


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