Is Drug Rehab Aftercare Really Needed?

Drug Rehab Aftercare

How Aftercare Works

Our drug rehab aftercare staff is committed to ensuring that the client’s transition into everyday living goes as smoothly as possible. Our team designs a relapse prevention plan for each client. Relapse prevention will address the individual causes that might sabotage recovery. The aftercare prevention staff at our facilities will address behavior and also patterns of thought that may also hinder the recovery process.

Regardless of the relapse prevention plan during aftercare, it is the primary responsibility of the Best Drug Rehabilitation client to do the everyday work involved with drug rehab aftercare and continue a drug-free existence.

Relapse Signs and Symptoms

If the client feels they are at risk for relapse, our staff is there to help. With relapse statistics so high, Best Drug Rehabilitation clients need as much help as possible.  Below are some of the thoughts or behaviors an addict experiences before relapse:

  •  Experiencing Post-Acute Withdrawal:

“I start having problems with one or more of the following: thinking difficulties, emotional overreaction problems, sleep disturbances, memory difficulties, becoming accident prone, and starting to experience an acute sensitivity to stress. I return to denial telling others that everything is “good” and “okay” when in fact, it is not. I start experiencing Avoidance and Defensive Behavior. I avoid the individuals or situations that would give me honest feedback on my actions.”

  •  Starting to Crisis Build:

“I get overwhelmed in everyday situations and cannot solve my problems. I put everything off until I’m so overwhelmed with stress, and it seems like I will never find my way out.”

  • Feeling Immobilized (Stuck):

“I feel trapped in a no-win situation, where I believe that nothing will ever be right again.”

  • Becoming Depressed:

“I start feeling tired and useless. I begin to use destructive behavior and substances in an attempt to feel normal.”

  • Urges and Cravings (Thinking about Drinking/Using):

“I begin to think about and want drugs and substances, I convince myself that using these substances is the only way that I can feel “normal.” I convince myself that using is the only way I will ever feel normal again, and thus I deserve to use because I deserve to feel normal.”

  • Chemical Loss of Control (Drinking/Using):

“I start using again, and decide to enjoy this “relapse” until I hit bottom again, my problems and addiction have just gotten worse. I thought I could use just enough of these drugs to feel happy and normal again, but I end up just getting sucked back into doing these drugs and substances uncontrollably again.”

Having someone available to talk to during these emotions can make all the difference in keeping a person from relapsing.

The Ten Most Common Relapse Triggers

  1. Being exposed or having drugs and alcohol available
  2. Negative feelings
  3. Celebrations
  4. Feeling or experiencing boredom
  5. Using a similar substance that reminds you of your old “high”
  6. Physical pain or physical injury
  7. Remembering the “good ol’ days”
  8. Having too much money
  9. Abusing prescription drugs
  10. Believing you’re “cured” and thus safe from addictions

Get Help Today

We are here to help. Call our toll-free number today to speak with a certified and qualified rehabilitation expert. We can answer all of  your drug addiction questions, and help start you down the path to recovery. Don’t wait any longer, contact us now.

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