Addiction Recovery Steps

Addiction Treatment And Recovery

Every Best Drug Rehabilitation recovery treatment plan follows a series of steps that help us walk people through the various stages of the recovery process. Successful recovery depends on the ability to renew the body, mind, and soul, and our plan touches on all three aspects. We also tailor everyone’s addiction recovery steps to meet individual needs, so each patient  may enjoy a unique process that works specifically for him or her. You can read more about addiction treatment by clicking here.


Detox programs are a vital first step of any drug or alcohol recovery program. The main purpose of detox is to rid the body of all traces of alcohol or drugs that may remain in the system. Depending on the substance and the frequency of use, withdrawal symptoms can often be severe or even life threatening.

Our experienced staff can provide medical assistance  to ease the agony of severe withdrawal. The detox goal for Best Drug Recovery is to get people through the process as safely and comfortably as possible. Detox serves to clear out the body while the subsequent steps in our recovery program serve to clear out and fortify the mind.


Orientation provides an overview of our facility, as well as a chance for our patients to meet with various staff members who will be helping them through the remainder of the recovery process. The first meeting is with one of our intake assessment staff members who determines the receptiveness of each patient and outlines the patient’s role in his or her program at our facility. Next up is a tour of our facility, a room assignment, and a rundown on the rules of conduct from our counselors. A meeting with the senior case manager and the case management team follows. Each patient is matched up with an individual counselor who will become his or her counselor for the duration of the patient’s stay.


Best Drug Rehabilitation’s addiction treatment programs are essential to the healing process for our patients. The overall goal of the training series is to teach patients how to successfully stabilize emotions with anger handling techniques, improve their level of participation in the direction their life is going, and to address past issues for a fresh start. These skills help patients deal with tough issues they may normally try to avoid altogether with a regression into drink or drugs.

Our patients learn how to face issues that may likewise spin them back into the cycle of addiction. Successful recovery comes from the ability to successfully deal with daily dilemmas, relationship issues, financial burdens, and any other stumbling blocks put in a person’s path. Addressing an issue makes it possible to devise a solution to a problem, and our repeated exercises help the client feel comfortable in this new role. Addiction-related issues that may require this skill include the people, places, and things that had normally caused drug or alcohol use.

The third tier of the training series helps patients accept responsibility for their personal lives. Patients work with counselors to learn how to handle difficult situations without physical force or running for a substance. Patients learn how to become responsible, own up to their actions and to act, instead of react, to situations that may have baffled them in the past.

Additional groups and betterment activities supplement the series and add to the recovery program. Therapy can include a slate of electives based on a patient’s individual interests. The betterment activities provide spiritual support based on a pathway of the patient’s own choosing.

One-on-one Counseling

Individual counseling provides a safe environment where a patient is encouraged to speak with his or her assigned counselor with the openness, honesty, and willingness that is integral to a successful recovery. Patients enjoy their first one-on-one counseling session at orientation, and subsequent sessions continue each week for the remainder of their stay at Best Drug Rehabilitation.


Once a patient successfully goes through each step of our on-site recovery program and is ready to graduate, we help him or her set up a plan of action after leaving our facility. We have a specific aftercare department that helps establish a stable plan following graduation from Best Drug Rehabilitation. Aspects of aftercare include where a patient may live, work, and attend support meetings in his or her immediate area.

Our aftercare department can help with job hunting, housing, government benefits, pursuing education, and military services. This is also a prime time to start setting up a recovery support network with phone numbers of friends, family, and fellowship members on whom the patient can call and rely for assistance during the outside transition. Our aftercare aims to provide patients with the ability to formulate goals, a purpose, and a plan to successfully maintain sobriety and enjoy a brand new life going forward.


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