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Best Drug Rehabilitation Program Information

We offer a unique approach to addiction treatment that seeks to help patients develop a sense of responsibility for their own behaviors. This model of treatment is based on our belief that addiction and substance abuse are learned behaviors that can be remedied by the conscious decision-making approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction collectively for the most positive outcome. We believe that each individual has their own issues which have resulted in their addiction. Through conscious decision-making, we can help the patient understand these issues and change their lifestyle to one of sobriety and healthiness. The full benefits of this treatment regimen can be gained by entering the addict into our residential facility where they will develop recovery skills and reach their goal of returning to a productive and fulfilling life.

Recovery Unlike Any Other

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we provide a recovery environment that is unlike any other. We bring together an array of counselors who are committed to guiding our clients into finding the perfect recovery base for his or her needs. When clients come to us for treatment, they can fully expect to receive care that is tailored to their own unique situation. Our skilled and compassionate counselors are committed to providing individuals with top-notch care and a wide variety of resources to make their road to recovery an easy one.

Choose Your Own Path to Recovery

We believe our clients should have the option of choosing their own path to recovery, and for this reason, we offer a carefully structured program that can be adapted to the individual’s specific needs or preferences. When clients feel that they aren’t just another number, but a respected individual, a seed of self-empowerment is planted, and it will continue to grow as they proceed through the program. Each component of our treatment is evidence-based and designed to achieve a specific progression of goals for the client.

The major components of our rehabilitation program are as follows:

group and individual counseling at best drug rehabilitation

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Transitional Living

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detox program at best drug rehabilitation

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Relapse Prevention

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12 steps program at best drug rehabilitation
AA/NA and 12-Step Programs

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Inventory and Self-Discovery

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Art Therapy

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Life Skills

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Christian and Faith-Based Groups

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Martial Arts

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Handling Emotions

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Native American Groups

Native Americans suffer an abundance of problems in today’s …

Music Therapy

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Physical Fitness

Everyone knows that a life without physical activity leads to …

Self Efficacy

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