Addiction Treatment Northern Michigan

Best Drug Rehabilitation Provides Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services to Northern Michigan Residents

Best Drug Rehabilitation offers the best addiction treatment services and drug rehab programs in Northern Michigan by far.  Some professionals on addiction say that we even have the best services in the American Midwest.  We try not to compare and contrast our addiction program to others as different programs offer different varieties and ranges of success for different people. Most rehab centers do great work for their clients, though no matter what no rehab center can work up a program that will be one-hundred percent effective for one-hundred percent of the individuals who go to them.  Unfortunately, that is just not the way that addiction is and how it affects each and every individual works.  However, the serene surroundings and naturally cleansing atmosphere in Northern Michigan make the perfect setting to start your road to recovery, and we do find that the vast majority of those who come to us for treatment really do have a wonderful and successful time here with us.

We have a lot to offer in the name of addiction treatment.  Whether you’re in need of addiction counseling of some kind, a detox program or a residential rehab service for long term recovery to tackle long term addiction, the dedicated addiction treatment professionals right here at Best Drug Rehabilitation are available to help you in every single way possible. Our CARF accredited facility is dedicated to providing the best services to our clients and we work hard to accomplish the best success rates and get the best feedback that we can.

We are ready to help anyone in Michigan on their road to recovery, but we are also ready to help anyone in any part of the nation who needs help with addiction.  We have helped individuals in all fifty states beat addiction, and in doing so have effected positive change in the lives of Americans all across the nation.

Why We Service Individuals from All Across the Nation

Some rehab centers constrain their acceptance of clients to locals of the state that the rehab center resides in, usually for insurance purposes, but sometimes for practicality purposes if the center has a limited size and a small number of beds.  At Best Drug Rehabilitation, our driving principle and our main purpose is to help as many people beat addiction as we can each and every year, and for this reason we help people who struggle from addiction from all across the country.

In fact, a very large percentage of our clients are from out of town and from out of state, as our program tends to be more affordable than most, especially more affordable than programs in California, Florida, the Southwest, the Southeast, and the Northwest.  Also people from all over the country tend to really like our open-ended, results-based, tailor-made approach to rehab and out long term, no set time limit approach to treatment as well.

Why Traveling for Rehab can be the Right Thing to Do

There is a lot of science and a lot of literature to back up why addicts should travel out of their home town for treatment.  This is something that a lot of people have a hard time doing and have a hard time confronting.  Sometimes, traveling to a new city or state is the most effective option for rehab one way or the other, as some cities may not have high quality treatment options available to their residents.  True enough, truly high quality treatment centers tend to be few and far between, and the odds of one existing in one’s home town are slim to say the least.

Individuals should be open and willing to travel for treatment because they would have greater access to hundreds of thousands of centers all across the U.S., allowing them to be much more selective and particular when choosing the best program for their needs and for their wants.

  • “To be effective, treatment must address the individual’s drug abuse and any associated medical, psychological, social, vocational, and legal problems.  It does not need to be close to their home,” said The National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Traveling for rehab also has another major benefit in that it puts you in the mindset of taking a journey toward recovery, allowing you a fresh start somewhere new and different, away from all of the many trials and tribulations of home.  For the vast majority of addicts, putting distance between themselves and their triggers helps reduce the desire to use again too, and it being farther away from home while getting recovered makes it easier for them to focus on their treatment and not to suffer so much and struggle trying to address their addiction without all of their triggers and fellow addicts just outside the doors of the treatment center. Having that physical separation can reinforce their commitment to sobriety and their treatment plan too, and it makes the whole experience far more successful in the long run.

There is another key aspect to why one should travel for treatment.  For this one, most people will not want to think about it, but it is very true and to the point and very real indeed.  In most cases, admission to a drug treatment facility is quite voluntary, meaning simply that the person has the ability to leave at any time if they so choose. This happens all too often when individuals go to treatment too close to home.  They have a bad day in treatment and they check themselves out of the program and they are right back to using again.  Being far away from home deflects some of the temptation to walk away from treatment, increasing the person’s chance of completing the program and of achieving one-hundred percent sobriety.

Though our service location is in Northern Michigan, we at Best Drug Rehabilitation are more than willing to offer our services to anyone from any place who wants them.  We are dedicated to rehabilitating as many people as possible, and we accept anyone from any state, even from out of the country if they want to come to us for rehab.

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