Alice from Candifiend Reviews Best Drug Rehabilitation

As part of the New York Fashion Week sponsorship, Best Drug Rehabilitation set up a relaxation rooftop that allowed NYFW attendees, press, and models to take a break from the stressful fashion world and relax with a therapeutic facial or massage.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Reviews at NYFW

Alice from Candifiend was one of the many press-professionals that attended the Best Drug Rehabilitation relaxation rooftop. In her video (seen above), Alice describes the experience and explains why it’s beneficial to step away from stressful situations, take a break, relax, and get energized to do it all over again. New York Fashion Week is an amazing and important event in the fashion industry, but it’s important to always remember to keep health and a positive state-of-mind as a top priority.

Healthy Body and Mind

Exercise is important because it reduces the risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases to the body. Here are five easy exercises that anyone can do without a gym membership:

  1. 30-minute walk around your neighborhood
  2. Take away the stress with at-home yoga
  3. Combine TV with exercise
    • Strengthen your core with crunches during TV commercials
  4. Take up a sport for a hobby
  5. Air squats

A healthy body and mind means a much more active, awake, and happier lifestyle.

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