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Here at Best Drug Rehabilitation we are true professionals of drug and alcohol addiction recovery.  We could go on describing our program for hours and write articles about it, write blogs about it, and show videos of our facility and our program in action for days.  We have a lot of material on our website that does just this, but we thought it would be best to include a reviews section so interested parties can read the words written by individuals who have either gone to this center or who have had a family member or loved one who went here for treatment.

We welcome all feedback regardless of its tone, as we know there is no such thing as perfection.  We want to know what other people who have come to us for help or who have had a family member or loved one come to us for help have to say about us.  We want to know what we are doing right so we can keep at it with those key points, and we want to know what we could improve upon so we can do just that.

In the long run, the only way we can continue to grow and to flourish and prosper as a rehab center is by examining our own statistics and by getting feedback from our clients and their families.  This is key and we really work hard at this.  We are a growing and evolving treatment center.  We are not practicing the same old rehab methods that were already ancient in the 1990s.  We are constantly studying the addiction and rehabilitation field and we incorporate new methods into our treatment center regularly.  We refuse to use anything outdated, and we promise to give each and every client the most customized, tailor made, up to date, and professional treatment approach possible.

We take client feedback and success rates seriously, and it is our promise that we will not assume that we are at the best level that we can possibly be at, and we will continue to grow and improve and better ourselves as a rehab center as the years go by.  We know we are successful and stellar in our methods now, but we will always work to provide the best possible services to our clients that we possibly can.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

On this website, you can find literally dozens and dozens of different reviews, thank yous, constructive criticisms, letters of recommendation, stories of personal success, words of encouragement, stories of how things are going after treatment was completed and more, all from our own graduates and their families.  These can be found in full on our site, but a few have been included in this article to give the reader an idea of what our clients are saying about us:

  • Ben said, “I feel like my friend would have died had it not been for BDR. This rehab center saved his life, and they are saving the lives of countless other addicted individuals in the community and abroad too. My hat goes off to these guys, and I hope that they continue to fight the good fight and work to eradicate addiction in their community and across the nation indefinitely.”
  • Jeff said, “Good place, dedicated and loving staff. Not a country club. Clean, effective and well executed help for those who realize the need and are willing to put forth the effort.”
  • Ashley had this to say, “I am so glad I ended up at Best Drug Rehabilitation. I’m beyond thankful my husband knew what was best even though I know how hard it was for him as well to make sure I got healthy again. Thank you for everything Best Drug Rehabilitation for helping me get better before my problem got way out of hand and for giving me a fresh start with my daughter. I’m stronger than ever now!”
  • R.J. said, “The staff are also extra helpful, nice and they are there for the individual and truly understand what they are going through, as loads of them have gone through similar stuff. I totally recommend this place, if you are looking for an inpatient rehab with truly workable modern solutions and lasting too.”
  • Cassandra had this to say about our staff, “They sit with you and find out everything it is you need to address and make sure that it gets addressed and handled before you complete your program. They have many tools at their disposal which help the person recognize what was happening in their lives that created the addiction and then teaches them how to deal with these things should they come up again once they are back out on their own. I love this program.”
  • Casey had this to say about our program, “Anger resolution taught me how to deal with anger in many different ways. Crooked thinking taught me how to not think and act like a criminal, it teaches you how to have a clear mindset and think straight. Seeking safety teaches how to get to safety if and when you end up in a situation where drugs and alcohol are involved. Smart recovery taught me how to be smart about situations, places, things, and so forth. Relapse prevention teaches how to avoid situations where you could relapse, teaches you the boundaries you need to not relapse.”
  • Walter had this to say about our one-on-one counseling sessions, “I also liked the difference in the one-on-one counseling as opposed to the group counseling usually offered by other people. I have done group counseling in the past, and I can definitely see that the one-on-one counseling gives it a whole different feel. Again it just really showed that they really cared. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that has a loved one that is struggling with substance abuse.”

Our Promise

Our goal and our ambition are to offer stellar rehabilitative services to as many people as possible.  We want to change the face of addiction in the nation and do our best to make less of it.  We understand that this is a serious problem, but we are totally dedicated to doing something about it and to making it a thing of the past as soon as is possible.

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