Per Wickstrom

CEO and Founder, Best Drug Rehabilitation, Inc.

Before Per Wickstrom was involved in drug rehabilitation programs, he had a gift in business and entrepreneurship. Mr. Wickstrom began his first business when he was 17-years-old and sold Mexican black velvet oil paintings around the country. He later created his own roofing company, called WFK Roofing, after learning and working at all functions of the roofing business. Throughout the years, Mr. Wickstrom struggled with addiction and attended several rehabilitation facilities. Per Wickstrom overcame his struggle with various drugs over a period of ten years. As soon as Mr. Wickstrom graduated from his rehab program, he decided he needed to help others achieve the same success. Before he opened a rehabilitation facility, he wanted to ensure it could provide clients a with the best programs and life skills in an upbeat and uplifting environment. Not too long after, he was able to open the doors to his first rehabilitation program.

Through dedication and perseverance, Mr. Wickstrom has found success and has helped thousands of clients have a long-lasting recovery with a rehabilitation program that addressed all aspects of addiction, including emotional, behavioral, spiritual and physical. In this way, clients can overcome physical dependence, develop useful coping techniques, discover strategies for avoiding temptation and find new ways of approaching life.

Wickstrom Opens Best Drug Rehabilitation

Mr. Wickstrom knew that Best Drug Rehabilitation needed specific characteristics before he could open it. He wanted individuals to be in a beautiful location while being active participants in their treatment programs. Positivity was and still is, a key factor when it comes to long-term recovery success at BDR. Mr. Wickstrom and the staff at Best Drug Rehabilitation do everything possible to provide a unique approach to addiction treatment that encompasses all of the different aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual issues involved in addiction. BDR clients are assured of a more lasting recovery that stays with them permanently.

Per Wickstrom’s Involvement in Best Drug Rehabilitation Community Initiatives

Mr. Wickstrom has always been passionate about having clients give back to the community. In this way, clients can use the tools they learned in their rehabilitation program in the real world and see for themselves how they can enrich the lives of others. All of the ways Mr. Wickstrom and BDR is involved with the community can be found on our YouTube channel. Best Drug Rehabilitation and Mr. Wickstrom help the community in several ways, including:

Recovery Walk with Dr. Billy Taylor

BDR participated in the Celebrate Recovery Walk in Grand Rapids, MI to raise awareness about treatment for chemical dependency. Several clients and staff members from BDR participated by carrying signs with slogans such as “Recovery Matters” and “Treatment is Effective” to show support for those who are struggling with an addiction. One of the guest speakers at the walk was Dr. Billy Taylor, founder of Getting Back Up, Inc., a non-profit service organization that challenges young adults in recovery face.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition

Per Wickstrom received the honor of being asked to participate as a speaker on the Business of Healthcare panel at the 42nd Annual Rainbow PUSh Coalition in Chicago. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is an organization that is dedicated to protecting and promoting individual freedoms and civil rights in America by striving to level the economic playing field and increases educational opportunities for today’s youth. At the event, Mr. Wickstrom had a chance to speak with former NFL star Myron Rolle about the influences and obstacles that today’s youth faces. Being able to work with public figures allows us to show that there is a better way of life.

Grand Rapids MADD Walk

Clients and staff from BDR participated in the first Walk Like MADD event that had ever been held in Grand Rapids, MI. The BDR team consisted of 18 clients and staff members and the event raised over $18,000 towards the MADD campaign. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the families and survivors of alcohol-related car accidents.

Elk Rapids Baseball

Per Wickstrom donated $1,000 to the Elk Rapids baseball team to help refurbish the baseball field and dugouts that were damaged by ice and snow. The original goal was to raise $2,000, and with BDR and Mr. Wickstrom’s donation covering 50% of that target, they have helped the team far surpass that mark. The purpose of the contribution was to ensure the youth of Elk Rapids had a place to find a healthy outlet for energy and remove the temptation to try using substances.

Music with a Mission

BDR helped sponsor the Music with a Mission benefit concert to help provide financial assistance for the Mendon Public School District. The concert featured artists such as Cold Ford, Kyle Grubb, Avenue Beat and Trailer Choir. Per Wickstrom had the opportunity to speak with several people at the event regarding ways we can all help make the world a better place.

Pachas Pajamas at the Children’s Hospital

BDR hosted a reading of a children’s book titled “Pacha’s Pajamas,” where the author, Aaron Ableman, joined at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. The story consisted of a little girl who has chronic asthma, who discovers that her imagination and the power of her dreams can help her overcome the obstacles she faces in everyday life. Per Wickstrom and former Detroit Lion running back, Herman Moore also attended the event.

K-Mart Christmas Giveaway

On December 10th, 2015, some of the staff and patients from BDR took a trip to the local K-Mart in Manistee, MI. Dressed as Santa and his elves, and armed with K-Mart gift cards, two of our patients went with a few of BDR’s staff members to the store to find people to hand the cards to. In doing this, patients were able to see the rewards that come from selfless acts of kindness.

Thanksgiving 2016

The idea of being in a new place with new people can seem intimidating, especially around the holidays. This is why BDR does everything possible to make our center feel welcoming and why we hold Thanksgiving at our center every year. Patients tend to think BDR is their home away from home and having Thanksgiving at our center is the least we can do to make their stay as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Wickstrom’s Viewpoint on Treatment & Giving Back

Mr. Wickstrom believes that giving back to the community is an essential part of recovery and encourages Best Drug Rehabilitation clients to volunteer and apply the life skills they learned in their treatment programs.

To learn more about Per Wickstrom visit is main website or blog.

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