Best Drug Rehabilitation: Manistee, Michigan

Living a clean and sober life may be the ultimate goal of you or a loved one, but how you go about obtaining that life plays a vital role in a recovery plan’s effectiveness. Because each person has a different history and pattern of drug and alcohol abuse, each recovery program should be just as unique and specific. That is precisely what we offer at Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee, Michigan, a quaint town on the western edge of the state.

Our facility is not far from the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan, and the interior of Best Drug Rehabilitation is as beautiful and serene as the outdoor surroundings. Our qualified and experienced staff is always available to provide the one-on-one attention and care you, or a loved one may require during the recovery process.

We approach recovery as a three-tiered, holistic process with comprehensive treatment plans that help heal your body, as well as your mind and your spirit. While each person follows the same process to reach the ultimate goal of a life of recovery, Best Drug Rehabilitation, Manistee offers various ways to get there. Our wide variety of recovery methods and treatments includes elective options to best suit your needs, as well as your interests.

The Overall Plan at Best Drug Rehabilitation Manistee

Our holistic recovery plans start by paying acute attention to the body, providing a medically supervised withdrawal and detoxification period. A team of skilled medical professionals and addiction specialists are available 24/7 to ensure your ultimate comfort and safety during this process.

Our next step is an orientation to the program where each person first meets with an intake assessment staff member.  Additional meetings follow with our case management team, and finally with an individual counselor who will help walk you through the recovery process using methods that best suit your needs.

Replacing old behaviors and thinking with new patterns is next on the agenda.  This is where our slate of electives fit in, giving you the chance to opt for those that focus on the issues specific to your needs.

Elective options include:

  •   Culture-oriented electives such as music and art
  •   Health-oriented electives such as physical fitness and nutrition
  •   Holistic electives of yoga and martial arts
  •   Alternative healing method electives that include massage, acupuncture, and ionic foot massage
  •   Practical skill electives comprised of resume writing, financial planning, and GED
  •   Recovery-focused electives such as 12 Step AA/NA, smart recovery, relapse prevention
  •   Daily life electives consisting of handling anger and transitional living
  •   Mind-oriented electives such as creative thinking, problem-solving and conscious decision making

A variety of additional betterment activities is also part of our program, offering more opportunities to focus on areas of your life that are most important and relevant to you. These include activities focusing on self-help through recovery communities and support groups, holistic activities that contribute to empowerment from within, and one-on-one therapy. You may also choose to participate in indigenous or faith-based options.

The indigenous approach focuses on recovery methods and materials developed for the Native American Wellbriety movement. The faith-based approach can include practicing a religion or following spiritual beliefs of your choice, as we offer the freedom to practice any faith-based program you choose without scrutiny from our staff or other clients. Options within the faith-based program may include attending church, Christian 12-step meetings, Bible study, pastoral counseling, sermons, and lectures. Those who practice other religious beliefs will have similar activities that reflect the beliefs of the individual.

Final Steps to Success

The final phases of our recovery program prepare you for taking everything you learned and applying it to your daily life. Creating an individualized relapse prevention program is one of the goals of the recovery maintenance phase. Here, you will identify and examine situations or causes that may contribute to a relapse. You will then learn how to handle them while staying sober.

Aftercare is the final phase before your graduation, and it allows you to meet with one of our aftercare specialists to map out a plan of action for staying sober once you leave the Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee after your final step of graduation. Our ultimate goal is to best prepare you for success in your brand new life which is one without alcohol or drugs.


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