Drug Abuse Ruins Lives

Drug abuseThose that have never dealt with an addiction cannot know the full impact it has on people and the way it can ruin entire lives. Drug abuse not only hurts the addict, but also severely impacts family members, particularly those living with the addict. Friends, co-workers, and professional relationships are all disrupted from someone’s drug abuse. For the addict, the knowledge of what he or she is doing to others amplifies the shame and guilt of the addiction and causes further dependence. However, those willing to seek recovery can find help with professional treatment. Best Drug Rehabilitation works with drug addicts and family members to customize a recovery program that will help clients overcome their addiction, rebuild life skills, and prepare for a successful transition back to their everyday lives.

The Drug User

Just the term ‘drug user’ brings an alarming sense of how dangerous and destructive drugs can be. But drug users are regular people who are in severe pain and in dire need of support and care. Most people begin using drugs for recreational purposes or to cope with problems in their lives. However, as the dependence builds and the tolerance increases, people are led to a full-blown addiction that they cannot stop by themselves.

Effects of Drug Abuse

Drug addicts run the risk of severe health problems, financial difficulties, lost jobs, destroyed families, disease, and even death. Overdosing can prove fatal, and as drug addicts slip deeper into their abuse, they have no control over their drug use and often risk extreme harm to themselves and others. This complete powerlessness over drugs also wreaks havoc on their interactions with others, their self-esteem, and their perception of reality. Recovering drug addicts often look back at how they used to be with disbelief over their past actions and attitudes. Once patients are set on a path of healing, they can start their lives fresh, reaching their potential and staying sober.

The Family

Only the family members of addicts know just how much someone’s addiction can ruin a family, tear people apart, and destroy lives. Drug addiction is a family disease where even those who do not use any drugs are deeply affected. Family members of drug addicts often experience issues of co-dependency, control, anxiety, depression, anger, and isolation. They fear other relatives, friends, or co-workers finding out about the drug addict’s problem or their loved one losing a job. Others become so enraged at the drug addict that they begin to gossip and criticize, leading to built up resentment and hatred.

What Families Can Do

It is crucial that family members realize that they did not cause the addiction, they cannot control a drug addict’s behavior, and that they cannot cure their problem. However, by learning about drug addiction and finding proper support, family members can regain the focus on their own lives, find peace, and create a loving environment of compassion and care that can help their addicted loved ones.

 Children of Drug Addicts

Children that grow up in a home with a drug addict are more likely to begin using drugs themselves or enter into relationships with partners that have an addiction. Given their difficult environment, children often develop severe emotional, social, and physical problems. Some struggle in school and act out. Others become perfectionists and people-pleasers, leading to excessive anxiety and stress. It is crucial that children in homes with drug addicts receive counseling or visit support groups early on so that they do not carry the effects of a parent or sibling’s drug addiction into their adult lives.

Personal and Business Relationships

While both family members and drug addicts attempt to keep secrets from friends and co-workers, many already know something is wrong. Close friends and professionals can be impacted from the effects of the drug addict too, often resulting in enabling attempts to help cover things up or make up for missed work. By offering support and understanding, friends and professionals can give drug addicts a way to speak openly about their problems and encourage them to seek help.

Building a Better Life

No drug addiction is too far along to be overcome. Many long time addicts look back at their old actions and remain in awe over the fact that they are still alive, even surviving multiple overdoses, car accidents, and extreme health problems. Anyone who is willing to do whatever it takes to recover can heal and regain his or her life back by opening up to professional help. Family members too can seek out help for themselves and their loved ones, learning how to stop enabling and turn resentments into compassionate support. Best Drug Rehabilitation can offer more information to drug users and family members about the best available treatment options, customizable programs for individual clients, and where to get help. Contact us today to start the healing.

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