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Best Drug Rehabilitation and Per Wickstrom Host the Launch of Imagination Heals

A Wonderful Event

There is nothing more precious than helping a child escape – if but for a moment – from the illness or disease that confines him or her to a children’s hospital. Imagination Heals is an inspiring organization that seeks to deliver respite to ill children via entertainment, such as live presentations and musical performances. On the evening of February 22, 2013, Imagination Heals held its official launch celebration at the Beverly Hilton – a gala that Best Drug Rehabilitation was proud to be a sponsor of.

The evening called attention to the importance of the arts in the lives of sick children, who are often inspired and encouraged by the book readings, song performances, and theater arts synonymous with the Imagination Heals organization.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Working With Pacha’s Pajamas

It was especially exciting to work with Pacha’s Pajamas, a nature-themed children’s pop musical that performed live at the event. Pacha’s Pajamas travels to children’s hospitals for live performances of age-appropriate educational music. The performances are centered around a young girl named Pacha who battles asthma through a dream to a festival organized by plants and animals. The Agape Youth Choir and Lester Chambers are just some of the featured performers in Pacha’s Pajamas, and both were on hand at the event.

Many people were honored for their generosity and ground-breaking contributions that make Imagination Heals a possibility. Sponsor Per Wickstrom and Best Drug Rehabilitation were greatly appreciated for making this event possible.  The party carried on for hours into the night in celebration of the milestones Imagination Heals has achieved up until now.

Celebrity Appearances and Guests

A special thanks goes out to all of the people that came to the celebration and helped make it a hit. We also appreciate the attendance of our special guests, including NFL Hall of Famer, Jim Brown and his wife, Monique, as well as retired NFL Detroit Lions wide receiver, Herman Moore. Thank you also to former Olympic gymnast and actress, Cathy Rigby, as well as Nickelodeon actor, Kendall Schmidt. We cannot express our gratitude for everyone’s part in making the evening a success.

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