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Parenting Classes at Best Drug Rehab

Best Drug Rehabilitation Offers a Series of Parenting Classes

Parenting classes at Best Drug Rehabilitation is a comprehensive series taught by Elaine Martin to help clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation become more successful parents when returning home after treatment for addiction.

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I’m Elaine. I teach the parenting series at BDR, and I have got a lot of experience with children. I have done foster care since 1986, and I have adopted several children and had several children, so I have been doing this for a long time. And then I started teaching parenting about 12 years ago, and I went through and designed a series trying to teach parents how to have a well-rounded program to be the best parents that they can be.

In my first week, I talk about stress and how they can calm that fear and think differently so that they can parent without so much pressure. If they don’t learn to deal with stress positively, then they will probably take some of their stress out for no reason on their children.

And then we move into the second week where we talk about bonding and attachment issues and how they need to spend time and listen to their children and make sure that their kids feel cared about and loved and that their children have a priority in their life rather than just being there. And we talk about the ways they can do that in our parenting classes.

The third week I talk about anger. A lot of times parents get into an argumentative cycle with their kids and it is just habit, but they aren’t teaching their kids anything. They’re just arguing, and it becomes stressful. I teach them skills to get out of that cycle and learn to parent with kindness and teach them to own their problems as opposed to just arguing about them with their children.

And then I teach them how to parent from within. That would be week four of the parenting classes. And that shows your children to have the feelings of responsibility by doing chores and have the responsibility or have a sense of ownership by taking responsibility for their problems that they create. And just that within type feeling that you want your child to have about taking the initiative and feeling proud and being part of a bigger whole.

And then the last, the fifth week of parenting classes is actually on proactive parenting. And that teaches parents how to think ahead of time about problems they always have and how to solve them. They think about how to do things that keep issues from happening and ways to parent that kids won’t feel so threatened, but they will join in and be part of the process because they own it, they care, they want to be good kids. And all that comes in that week.

And then the sixth week is just an overview, so we just go through every one of those areas briefly and talk about ways maybe they’ve improved, or they could develop and only evaluate the whole process.

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