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New York Fashion Week – Best Drug Rehabilitation Highlights Video

Our goal at Best Drug Rehabilitation is to spread the awareness and knowledge of the benefits of holistic living and to teach the resources needed to overcome everyday obstacles such as stress and addiction.  For this reason, Best Drug Rehabilitation sponsored Charlotte Ronson and Erickson Beamon at New York Fashion Week.

Day 1 – Top of the Empire Hotel and Charlotte Ronson event

Best Drug Rehabilitation partnered with Cygalle Healing Spa to create a holistic healing experience.  Attendees joined with a Best Drug Rehabilitation consultant and answered questions about their stress levels and use of toxins (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs).  Based on their answers, the Best Drug Rehabilitation consultant made expert recommendations that the attendee can immediately use to bring down stress and toxin levels.

After their consultation, attendees headed to the relaxation lounge where they received a facial and back massage.  The treatment was focused on preparing attendees for a long weekend of New York Fashion Week activities and lots of walking.

During the evening, Best Drug Rehabilitation partnered with Charlotte Ronson to invite celebrities, New York Fashion Week attendees, and the media to let loose, relax, and have a great time.

Day 2 – Yoga class for holistic living

During day two, Best Drug Rehabilitation brought a world-class yoga instructor to teach attendees simple positions and stretches to improve blood circulation, muscle flexibility, and heal pains and aches in joints. Attendees were also given holistic options for pain relief and insomnia.  While many doctors push drugs on patients to cure their everyday problems, Best Drug Rehabilitation believes in the uses of natural ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Best Drug Rehabilitation consultants showed attendees the pain cream and sleep powder that is made from holistic ingredients that help people without the need of introducing foreign chemicals into the body.

Day 3 – Erickson Beamon backstage

During day three of New York Fashion Week, the Best Drug Rehabilitation team sponsored the Erickson Beamon presentation and were introduced to the designers, organizers, and models that make the show possible.

It was terrific to watch the show up close and personal and how much hard work goes into every aspect of New York Fashion Week.

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