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Best Drug Rehabilitation Michigan Throws Annual Food Drive and Pig Roast

Best Drug Rehab’s 2nd Annual Food Drive and Pig Roast

Best Drug Rehabilitation
Best Drug Rehabilitation Donates to FiveCAP, Inc’s Annual Food Drive

Best Drug Rehabilitation make an effort to involve the staff, the clients, and the facility itself in community outreach programs, volunteer efforts, and nonprofit beneficial programs and activities alike.  We feel strongly at Best Drug Rehabilitation that one of the best ways to rehabilitate someone is to get him or her involved in the community and in the environment that they are in to help out in whatever ways that they possibly can.  With this approach, it actually becomes possible to really make a difference in the lives of many different individuals, and this activity and this activity alone really does something special for a recovering addict.

Best Drug Rehabilitation has many such programs that they engage in every year, and one of them is a food drive.  Best Drug Rehabilitation Michigan successfully hosted their Annual Pig Roast and Fall Harvest Food Drive on November 2, 2015 to benefit FiveCAP Inc.’s Community Action Program.  This program is immensely popular in Michigan and it really helps a lot of families during a time of the year when help is often needed and food is often scarce.

There is never any cost to attend this event and it is always open to the public too and to their family members and friends. Everyone in attendance is always more than welcome and is in fact encouraged to bring nonperishable food items to donate to FiveCAP to then be distributed to families in need all across the state. Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, along with the opportunity to support a great cause too, which makes everyone feel great about themselves and boosts morale too.

Along with donating the vast majority of the nonperishable food items collected at this event, Best Drug Rehabilitation also donated one-thousand dollars to FiveCAP Inc. to aid in their own food drive too.  Best Drug Rehabilitation even sent many of their clients to the food drive event to help out, move food around, organize the event, and clean up afterwards.  Clients were encouraged to talk to people attending the event about addiction and sobriety and the importance of promoting rehabilitative efforts and promoting sobriety in the attendees’ own communities.

An event like this really does wonders for the hearts and minds of clients.  The problem with drug and alcohol addiction is that it usually creates a condition with an individual where-in he or she costs a lot more to society than he or she gives back.  When an addict abuses drugs and alcohol for an extended period of time, he or she ends up creating a lot of damage and trouble on their community.  The families of drug and alcohol addicts suffer, as do the friends and co-workers of that addict, and even the entire community for that matter too.  It really is a widespread problem that has endless consequences.

Conversely though, engaging in volunteer efforts and community-active programs provides recovering addicts a way to give back to their friends, family members, loved ones, co-workers, and communities.  The benefit of this is nearly flawless.  Nothing promotes more stability and more resolve and dedication in the foundation of a recovering addict’s sobriety than the act of helping others and seeing that others rely on his or her help and recognizing that relapse is not an option, because others depend on the recovering addict for survival.

Best Drug Rehabilitation Working with FiveCAP, Inc.

FiveCAP, Inc is a powerful Community Action Agency that provides a wide range of programs and services that aim to motivate the poor to achieve economic and social independence and to get out of the lower condition of existence that they are in. FiveCAP, Inc. serves the Michigan counties of Mason, Manistee, Lake, and Newaygo, and Best Drug Rehabilitation has worked with FiveCAP, Inc. on multiple different occasions to help out in this sector of the state.  For example, the food drive was a success and Best Drug Rehabilitation looks forward to hosting next year’s Food Drive and Pig Roast, as the success of this event and the potentials for success in the future is just too much to pass up.

Most drug users are poly-drug users, meaning they abuse more than one type of drug at the same time.  So, there are about twenty-five million addicts, in the country, but about eighteen million of them abuse more than one substance.  The truth is, those who abuse drugs and alcohol and who have more than one addiction problem that they are struggling with end up having a much more difficult problem getting clean, because they have multiple addiction that they have to contend with.  With addiction being as big and as serious of a problem as this is, it becomes apparent that it is all the more necessary and needed that rehab centers all across the nation apply techniques and strategies like this one to really help addicts become recovered and sober for eternity.

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  • Diane C

    It’s really good to see that Best Drug Rehab is involved in community outreach programs that help their communities in addition to the word they are doing with the addicts who come to them for help. Getting their name out there and letting people meet them and see what they do makes it easier for people to accept that they are actually helping people and will be more willing to take their friends or loved ones there to get the help they need.

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