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Best Drug Rehab Donates to Goodwill

Best Drug Rehab Donates to Goodwill Industries


Best Drug Rehabilitation Pairs with Herman Moore to Donate to Goodwill Industries

Best Drug Rehabilitation paired with former Detroit Lion, Herman Moore, to help sponsor and make some charitable donations needed to provide Christmas gifts for a Goodwill Industries Christmas event. Moore sat down with Mark Lane, Director of Public Relations and Special Events at Goodwill Industries, to discuss the event. This Christmas event was one of the many successful events sponsored by Goodwill Industries this year.

Best Drug Rehab Donates to Goodwill Industries’ Santa Shop Event

Goodwill Industries hosts an annual event held at Christmas time called Santa Shop. Each year Goodwill receives donations and services from sponsors and volunteers to host this event. The Santa Shop provides toys for members of a variety of Goodwill programs, such as the Flip-the-Script Program and the Beyond Jobs Program. The event is also extended to single mothers and other selected individuals who could not afford to buy Christmas presents for their families.

The toys are sold for a minimal charge and the money raised is recycled to buying toys for the next year.

What is Goodwill Industries?

Goodwill Industries is a nonprofit organization that provides services to help strengthen the communities and helps individuals improve their lives and the lives of their families. Best Drug Rehabilitation was honored to help sponsor this great event and support such a fantastic cause. We look forward to pairing with Goodwill again to further our mission of making a difference in the community. Best Drug Rehab donates to many events in the community to help the community and to spread the word about drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in our communities. Our goal is to educate people about drug prevention and to keep our youth active in the community and off of drugs.

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  • Diane C

    It is so good to see that Best Drug Rehab supports and gets involves in these types of social activities to help out their communities. Many people at the poverty level needs these types of programs and the support from everyone in the community. Thanks for being there for this.

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