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A Day At The Beach – Best Drug Rehabilitation Celebrating Memorial Day

Taking a welcomed break from the often-difficult recovery process, BDR patients and staff observed Memorial Day on the shores of Lake Michigan

Addiction is a tough road to travel, and overcoming it is no picnic either. While it is ultimately worth all of the effort and difficulty, recovery is not an easy task. It is stressful, and there are plenty of obstacles to surpass. From going through withdrawal and repairing the physical damage caused by long-term substance abuse, to uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of a person’s addictive behaviors, to learning how to handle re-emerging emotions, numbed by months or years of drug or alcohol abuse, in a positive and productive manner, every part of the rehabilitation process has something to deal with.

While our patients’ progress through their treatment program is the highest priority at Best Drug Rehabilitation, we also understand the benefit of taking some time to step away from the recovery process to relax, unwind, and blow off some steam. Often, especially when facing a particularly tough part of the program, focusing on something else for a while can allow the patient to return to their program feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and better able to work through whatever might be causing them difficulty.

We offer our patients many opportunities to do this throughout their stay at our treatment center. There is some amount of free time available to them each day to socialize or to reflect on their recovery. There are also community outreach events that they have the option of participating in, such as charity fundraising 5K walks or volunteering at the local animal shelter in Manistee, MI, where our facility is located. Additionally, during the observance of certain major holidays, we will often plan special functions or outings for our patients such as celebrating Memorial Day at the beach.

BDR Celebrating Memorial Day at the Beach

This past Memorial Day, that national holiday where we honor those fallen soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country’s freedom, many of our patients and staff members headed to the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan for a day of fun, food, and fellowship in the sand. We could think of no better way to honor those brave men and women who gave their lives for our freedom than to enjoy that freedom to its fullest.

That isn’t the only freedom that our patients were celebrating. They were celebrating the freedom that they discovered in the rooms and hallways of our recovery center – freedom from the addiction that led them to our doors. They were celebrating their newfound ability to enjoy the things that the world has to offer them and to handle the stress of daily life in a positive and productive manner. They were celebrating the optimism and hope that they now have for their future.

The weather was beautiful, as the last days of the often-chilly Michigan Springtime began to give way to the warmer days of summer. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, we fired up the grill for a feast of the traditional American cookout fare, complete with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and everything else one would expect to find at a lakeside picnic on Memorial Day. Playing volleyball, walking in the surf, or simply enjoying the feeling of bright, warm sunshine on their skin, the patients and staff were all smiles. On a day where many of them would have been reveling in their intoxication a year ago, they discovered that it is more enjoyable and fulfilling to experience life for what it is, without that foggy haze of drugs and alcohol dimming their memories.

On the surface, this fun day at the beach may seem like just a quick break from the recovery program to let loose and clear the head, but the patients are also learning a less obvious lesson that will help in their continued sobriety after they graduate from our treatment center. “I think it’s a really good thing not to have drugs or alcohol clouding up your mind when you go out on a day like today, and have fun and enjoy the holidays,” explains Jamie Rossi, the Director of Training at BDR. “Everybody’s not drinking, and people aren’t using drugs – they see that ‘Hey, we can have fun. We can enjoy life. This is what life really is.’”

Another added benefit to day trips like the Memorial Day cookout at Lake Michigan is the personal interaction that our patients have with each other. They have grown close during their time at our recovery center, and have gained an incredible amount of strength and support from each other. Taking a day to enjoy life, and to enjoy the company of others, strengthens the bonds of friendship that are still being formed. That connection with others helps our patients to learn how to develop healthy and functioning relationships and to repair the damage that their substance abuse may have caused to other relationships in their lives.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we aren’t just offering our patients a way to get clean and sober. We provide a thorough and efficient recovery strategy that brings about a complete lifestyle transformation that will help them to stay clean and sober in the long term. With the various options that we offer in treatment methods, the vast array of supplemental groups and life skills courses, and the opportunity to discover practical applications of the concepts and ideas learned through the recovery process, our patients can find the path to overcoming an addiction that will work best for their individual needs. They gain a sense of self-confidence in their recovery and an understanding of the level of personal responsibility that they hold in their sobriety. They find inner peace and serenity, and the strength within to work towards a brighter future full of hope and promise, free from the bonds of addiction.


  • Ralph T

    I really need help and advice as BDR seems fantastic. This is exactly the type of place that I would like to learn to recover from my crack addiction. My woman is straight tripping because we are from Miami and she is worried that i will not be faithful. The guy whose helping me coordinate everything is helping me assure my woman that this is not a place for dating but instead its a place for me to become my true self. I am really hoping to be there by the Fourth of July and I am sure that something great will be dun for the patients.

    • medicogogo

      Ralph it is important that your woman understand that this has to be your time to shine and that you will return to her in a much better state then you are right now. If your thinking of going to BDR then you should go and be careful of anyone that does not support the decision to better your life. It might require that you practice confronting controlling and handling your woman by letting her know that you are going to BDR to get treatment for addiction and not for some dating game or anything to that effect. If she does not understand that it is time to look elsewhere.

  • Johnny Machat

    It is great to diversify activities. This period of integration and relaxation must have benefitted the clients profoundly. Expanding their areas of interest is so important. Social activities that are done sober teach the clients that they do not need drugs and alcohol to feel a part of the group or to socialize in general. Some addicts and alcoholics have never felt that they fit in socially which is why they decided to drink and use in the first place. Another thing that is so great about this activity is that it takes place in nature. There is also an opportunity to meditate in a non-conventional way. Nature is all around us and we often forget to notice so field trips such as these make sure we all have a great relationship with nature.

    • medicogogo

      Part of the joy of being sober is having a positive relationship with nature and being at one with nature. Now that you are able to confront and control and handle your social situations you should be able to enjoy any and all types of activities that the future affords you.

    • Marissa mINK

      Relapse occurs way before the physical act. Your brain experiences a craving and starts a plan of action to get drugs. Because of this fact, there are continuums of things that can be done to prevent relapse. Per Wickstrom discusses drug use and creativity and he brings up the idea of changing your thinking, when you start to have strong cravings go for a walk or to the beach, distract yourself in the gym, whatever it takes to change your head space. Without actually changing it with a drug. Addiction is a lot like the conditioning that Pavlov’s dog experience, only our stimulus response is the euphoria from the reuptake of water neurotransmitter is being targeted most likely, dopamine, serotonin or epinephrine and neurophinerine. Dopamine is responsible for pleasure, serotonin accounts for your perspective and neurophenirine aid in digestion.

  • Margaux Machat

    This truly looks like a great way to spend memorial day. I truly enjoyed reading about the beach trip and I bet the BDR clients had a blast experiencing the day. When I was a client at BDR I went to numerous fun outings and they taught me that you can have fun sober as we always had a great time, regardless if it was going to get our hair done or going to the movies we always had a great time at BDR whenever we took our field trips.

  • John M

    Its been way to long since i have been to the beach. Maybe i need to come to BDR so i can go to the beach. This seems like a perfect type of day that was just lots of fun for everyone involved and it is really nice to read such a positive story. I have never been to rehab and have heard horror stories from my wife and her friends. This seems like a winner. BDR!

  • Sophie A

    This is such a fantastic day to celebrate memorials day. I think that theyare nor only celebrating memoril day, but also that they are drug and alcohol free, which is a huge achivement. I think it awesome that they do such putings and field trisp and actaully have fun too, cause that is also a lesson, plus i guess it would be wucks to just be closed in a building for the entire time, so this is awesome. They learn to be in a community ans have fun naturally. The best way to have fun by the way! And going to the nature is just even better, getting a bit of sun, some vitamins from it, excellent! I think it is also awesome that best drug rehab provides the opportunity for their cleints to go like animal shelter and other community activities, they are truly doing good in the world! I love it! I am persuaded that best drug rehab is a fantastic place and they are doing very good to people, they are really helping and caring! Their methods are veryworkable, they are really natural and holistic in their approach and have a very modern view on addiction, and i love that!

  • Kelly J.

    What an amazing way to spend memorial day. This is amazing how best drug rehabilitation does things like this for their patients. It’s truly an awesome way to help them and to shows that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to have a good time. That staff members are great and this here shows how much they care for their patients well-being.

    • Johnny Machat


  • Ash b

    Yeah that looks really fun! That is one great way to spend such a great holiday. If is way more fun without alcohol or drug, you will beable to remember it and all, andyou are gonna have way more fun! It seems like they had so much, fun, I would have had too. Very nice people, all of them, and I think this is also a great lesson that they can actually be sober and have fun. Very great thing that here they take the clients outside and they do different avtivities, and that the in fact have this regurarly. They have other activities rhey can do during holidays and weekends. This is a way better way to do rehab and also I think it is such a modern spproach. They are really modern in their entire rehab process, and this just adds a great bonus. This is why they have great result! This place really is a fun great place. Oh and i love that they can even go to a drug shelter, to help out there, that is so lovely, not to mention how great it is to be with dogs, they are therapeutic.

  • Laura L.

    This is truly the Best Drug Rehabilitation. Being able to get outside and stay busy is the best way to keep distracted and take your mind off drugs and alcohol. I have some family that attended rehab centers that made them feel like they were in prison, but something like this could really make a difference in making someone more comfortable with getting the help they need. I feel like when you gather a group of attics together and tell them “DON’T THINK ABOUT DRUGS OR ALCOHOL”, well it creates the obvious problem in that now that is all they can think about. Centers like this could that keep you busy help you build relationships with people like you that all want and need help, it will create better environment that they want to be apart of and no longer feel like they are forcing themselves to be apart of. This is truly a modern and fantastic rehabilitation program.

  • carcol

    Great job for Best Drug Rehab to offer their patients ways in which to get out into society and interact with other people and have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. This is something these people need in order to feel like the work they are doing is creating success and they are actually moving towards building a new life for themselves which does not include drugs or alcohol. Best drug Rehab really sounds like they are a lot about their patients and are willing to do everything it takes to help them overcome their addiction and get back to doing well in life again.

  • David H

    Very good that they have things like this at a rehab center, that they go out a bit. I really like how at best drug rehab they provide these holistic treatments, they offer everything to make sure that the clients get the best care. They even have yoga classes and Art classes and music therapy and all these fantastic things. They are all so beneficial to the person. They really are giving so much for their clients, they can really achieve so much with these. They are really holistic like they claim it, and it is a very effective way of helping someone to get off of drugs. I think that best drug rehab does all that they can with the natural methods and holistic approaches to help the clients to overcome their addiction. The other methods of treatment that are not holistic based do not work as well as the holistic based one cause they do not take the persons mind and soul into account, they only deal with the physical side of the addiction. But the mind and the spiritual side of things has to be addressed as well, cause if they are not than the person will not handle all the underlying issues that led to their addiction.

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