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You Have the Option to Select Your Personalized Treatment Program With Us

It’s personal. Facing an addiction or unresolved trauma that significantly alters your ability to function is a private hell. When you are finally ready, it requires a lot of emotional strength and resolve to move toward recovery and healing. There is good news, however, because recovery programs today are achieving lasting results for their clients. There are treatment centers that utilize a broad range of programs. With us, you can choose your own personalized treatment program, offering a short-term goal intensive solution to a long-term debilitating life issue.

Life Experiences, Problems, and Solutions

Although addictions and emotional issues are as unique as a thumbprint, here are just a few scenarios that show how daily life experiences can lead a person to drug abuse and addiction:

  • Scenario number one: Suppose you are a young mother who grew up in a household where mother and father were present, but, not emotionally available. Father was a “hardworking” executive who suffered back pain from a college football injury and had to rely on pain medication to make it through the day.  You were never given any outward signs of affection, no hugs, and crying was not permitted. Your past had never affected you until now. With a successful career, then meeting the love of your life. The two of you shared vacations with friends, celebrations and holidays. Planning to start a family was a happy occasion, a fantastic edition to a fulfilling marriage. Then came the postpartum depression after the baby was born.  Now, here you are taking care of your tiny baby, and to cope with your life, you daily raid your husband’s finest gold tequila and whiskey in the bar.  You don’t know how to tell your husband you are drinking throughout the day.
  • Scenario number two: You served in the military and finished your term with accolades from your family and friends. Now you serve your community as a peace officer. You felt you were well prepared for the daily stresses of service on the police force. However, you were unprepared for planter’s fasciitis to develop on the heels of both of your feet. The pain is excruciating, and to work, you have been forced to rely on your doctor to prescribe medication to ease the pain. To make matters worse, your father was just laid off, and your parents are looking to you for advice and solace.

Answers to Unexpected Challenges

Both stories are fictional. However, they mirror some of the unexpected challenges we face when we respond to the stresses of life. There are times when we need resources to learn the ability to process them in new and different ways than our parents might have done. It is possible you just know you need the capacity to work on a particular issue and have complete deciding power on how you wish to proceed.  With us, you can design your own personalized treatment program.

The Problem and Solution

For some individuals, long-term psychotherapy is undesirable. A person knows they have a desperate problem and needs to find a solution to solve it quickly. They may have heard of inpatient treatment programs, but think they are only for the hopeless unsolvable addictions that people live with all of their lives. What if you could enter a rehabilitation facility and choose your own personalized treatment program, creating goals for yourself?

Create Targeted Results with a Personalized Treatment Program

Entering an inpatient treatment center that allows you to select your personalized treatment program can be the most efficient solution for you. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) relies on the premise that our thoughts influence our feelings and behaviors, not people, places, and events. The truth is, with the assistance of a cognitive behavioral therapist and a personalized treatment program, you can change the way you respond and feel about your life and responses to life’s challenges.

Why not take a step in the direction of building life skills that will help you move forward?  We will be proud to help you get the process started and help you set up your personalized treatment program.


  • Nicolas Posada

    Insightful and well written piece. Eases the stress of going over more conventional programs, I will be contacting you shortly!

  • Didi Smith

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sounds like the way to go for me. Addressing what you are thinking and feeling and learning how to cope with these things would really help in the person’s recovery. Learning life skills you can use in life in order to help to ensure that you stay clean and doing well. It does sound like the main thing you want to do is choose the best facility that will deal with everything you need to deal with and will help you learn how to deal with these things in the future. Best Drug Rehab is a good facility for this.

  • carcol

    This article was so exciting to read. I never knew that there were facilities out there that would allow you to select your own treatment program. This sounds like the ideal solution for someone suffering from addiction. Everyone is different and everyone needs to deal with different things in order to be successful. What works for one person would not necessarily work for another. Being able be somewhere with a program that will help you address everything you need to address in order to recover is so needed. It would really give the person the confidence they need in order to keep going.

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