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d To Learn Basic Life Skills?

Why Do Addicts Need To Learn Basic Life Skills?

Most addiction programs include life skills training. As a healthy individual, you might think that most of these things are second nature, but for an addict, learning skills that you take for granted is a very real part of the treatment process. Skills that you don’t even realize you’re using can be exactly what an addicted loved one needs to turn their life around.

Addicts Don’t Have Healthy Coping Mechanisms

If they’d had healthy coping mechanisms in place, they wouldn’t have needed to turn to drugs or alcohol in order to manage their emotions or the circumstances around them. Think about it; every day, people deal with overwhelming life situations without resorting to chemical measures. Addicts, on the other hand, often lack the ability to cope in a healthy manner–which is why a good treatment regime will focus on giving them those skills.

Stress Management Isn’t Second Nature To An Addict

In today’s society, we are exposed to more stress than ever before. We’re always on, always connected, and always busy. It’s little wonder, therefore, that more people are turning to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with their day to day lives. Learning healthy stress management is crucial for an addict, who could easily return to familiar habits and familiar patterns under stress.

Addicts Don’t Necessarily Have Life Skills

Do you know how to balance a checkbook, how to get a healthy amount of exercise, feed yourself a healthy diet, and clean your house? Addicts often need help learning how to arrange their lives again. For months or years, their life has revolved around a pattern of addiction and when they’ll get their next fix. If they ever had these skills, they’ve been long forgotten. Re-entering the world, however, requires addicts to re-develop skills that have laid dormant in order to function in society.

Addicts Need To Develop Social Skills And Build A Support System

When you get together with a group of friends, you know how to laugh, have a good time, and share stories about your day, your week, and your life. For an addict, it might not be that easy. Often, they fell into addiction in the first place because their drug of choice was readily available in their social circle. An alcoholic might not have friends who don’t drink.  Once the decision has been made to get clean, however, an addict must develop new social circles and learn how to function in a different way–and that’s a challenge that must be met.

If you are seeking treatment for addiction, choose an inpatient treatment facility which offers life skills training. This will help with your transition back into your new life after treatment is complete.


  • GT

    I really enjoyed the video

  • Sarah

    I have read that addicts never develop the mechanisms that allow them to manage their compulsions to use. It makes sense that they would have impaired coping mechanisms as well.

  • tom

    very nice info

  • Brett Martin Hudecek

    Yes there is so much stress in today’s world but that doesn’t mean everyone is stressed out. I see all that stress and get a little turned off by it and now I don’t stress as much. The whole point of living is just that, to live.

  • Ash

    Great article. This was very informative. I believe that the little things matter. Even the smallest life skills can change somebody’s life for the better.

  • Jack

    Very good, true info

  • Russell

    This is a very well written, informative article. I can understand why it would be hard for an addict to learn the basic skills

  • Jacob

    Everyone in life has to have some degree of life skills to make it in this world. I’m glad to see websites/places out there that do care about people struggling with addiction.

  • NAHE

    This one is likely an informative and also more functional. I’m really feel affection on this topics.

  • Derika

    The worst part about being addicted to a chemical substance (one that affects the brain’s pleasure center, i.e. dopamine, seratonin, and other stress-relieving neurotransmitters) is that the brain stops producing the chemicals naturally. Substance abuse literally destroys the brain’s natural coping mechanism! So an addict finds it even harder to cope with stress after they quit than before they became addicted.

  • Austin King

    I couldn’t agree more about the stress factor. Many addicts need relaxing atmosphere.

  • april

    Helpful information for those in need of help. A lot of important points pointed out in this post.

  • Mona

    You make some great points here, thanks for sharing

  • April

    Yes It is important to learn to cope with stress. Drugs must be replaced with a positive coping mechanism such as meditation or exercise if the addict wants to stay sober. This is a great article

  • James Tolley

    As being a former addict I agree 100% with this article, it seems to be right on point. I also enjoyed the video article+video 2 great pieces of information.

  • Angie

    Such great information, it really puts into perspective the fact that addicts whole lives are centered around their addiction and that many of the basic, everyday life functions that people are familiar with have escaped the addict. That they cope with stress and trauma by turning to their addiction to “numb” themselves. I can see that it is very important to look for a facility that will help teach recovering addictions the basic life functions that are important things to do day-to-day.

  • Ann

    I think the reason why they need to learn a real life skills it’s because no one will accept them in corporate ladder as required by companies to have a drug test to their applicants. So it needed for them to survive.

  • Drizzle

    This is a very useful information. It would be nice, if it could be put into the action.

  • Jane

    Very useful information that needs to be learnt about.

  • Johnnie Mitchell

    It seems logical when you think about how people try to escape in drug use. They also like to avoid pain in my opinion.

  • Becky

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Jacqueline Martin

    Terrific article and I definitely agree that life skills training is a very important key to a complete recovery.

  • Gina M

    Makes sense! Just because some skills we consider “basic” and they come easy to us, it doesn’t mean that they are not a challenge to other people. Sadly, addicts’ life is all about getting their next fix, so they lack the real life experience that healthy people gain over time. Learning life skills sounds like part of the road to full recovery!

  • Winchester

    The main problem with someone who has an addictive personality is that not only are they usually self-medicating but they don’t have the skills to find another way to deal with the issues that are causing the behavior. Coping with the stresses in today’s busy, competitive society can be a challenge for even the healthy, high functioning members of society. If you are someone who reaches for alcohol or drugs to get you through, you could benefit from learning other ways to deal with the day to day triggers that can set off the need to abuse substances. Positive interaction with family, friends and other addicts can go a long way toward building a foundation of support. Books, classes, meetings and advice from qualified persons in the field will assist in implementing new, healthier ways of coping with life that don’t involve substance abuse and addiction.

  • Katherine

    This is very true. People get addicted to drugs for reasons, mainly having to do with problems in life, being generally unhappy, etc. If these people knew how to cope with situations in life and were able to find and handle the causes of their stress, then they would much less likely to avert to drugs to try and “cope” with them.

  • Jonathan

    A lot of this information is true and I can agree with it, also very useful. I have seen a few addicts in my life and they were addicts as it gave them something that they could depend on and “get away” from the real world. And the way I did see them get clean is by abiding to a new routine that got them active. It is also a lot easier to go clean around a group of friends that are doing/not doing the same thing.

  • Regina H

    This makes sense. They have problems to begin with, otherwise they weren’t be in the bad situation. That is why the holistic therapy is the only way to go; more needs to change than just the person’s addiction.

  • Diane C

    I completely agree with this. Addicts become addicted because there are stressers in life that they can’t cope with so the drugs, alcohol, etc help them to cope or so they think. Getting them to see this and then giving them the life tools they need in order to do it on their own can completely change their life. Getting the person to a facility that can help them do this is the best thing anyone can do for them.

  • Tristan Umland

    Abuse of and addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and illicit and prescription drugs cost Americans more than $700 billion a year in increased health care costs, crime, and lost productivity.

  • Walter

    I got a lot out of reading this! It is interesting to think that many of the things that we do every day, are very hard for a person who has been addicted to drugs to do. From brushing their teeth 2 times a day, to taking showers, to knowing how to balance a checkbook. These are things that sadly are going away not only with addicts but with young people. But it is also comforting to see that there is a treatment program that is working to get these valuable skills taught to people who need them to arm them to get back out into the work-a-day world and get back on their own two feet. I also like to see that this is such a priority. There are two many times when we take these things for granted that people do not know, and we look on them as if they are stupid, but in reality we do not have the understanding that these are people who are going from not being able to think about anything aside from their addiction.

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