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Best Drug Rehab Centers are Successful

What Makes the Best Drug Rehab Centers So Successful?

The number of people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is well over 23.5 million, and only a small portion of those people get the help they need from a rehabilitation facility. Approximately 11 to 12 million of those people do seek help in a recovery facility, and their success rate is higher than 50 percent. The best drug rehab centers are the ones that have consistently high success rates for recovery. Such facilities have four qualities in common, and they are as follows:

1. Supportive Staff Members

Supportive staff members are one of the top reasons that people survive when they visit a rehabilitation facility for help. A warm face and an encouraging word are two things that can change someone’s life during the time of transition from addiction to victory. People are more likely to succeed when they have other people in their corner than they are when they do not have a support system. The best rehabilitation facilities recognize that fact and work hard to show new residents and patients that they care.

2. An Abundance of Benefits and Features

A successful facility offers the features and the benefits that an addicted person needs. Addicted individuals often need several services to aid them in recovery. Therefore, a prominent facility will have the programs, features, and benefits that an addicted person is likely to need. The facility will offer detoxification services as well as counseling, therapy and after services. Some centers may offer alternative treatments that can help the addicted person to remove enticing thoughts about drugs and alcohol.

3. Fair Pricing

An addicted person is more likely to recover if he or she does not have to stress about finances. Fair pricing is one of the most important elements that a facility can have. The second most important factor that a facility can have is a connection to some helpful financial services.

4. A Safe and Clean Environment

All persons want to visit a facility that has a healthy environment. Prospective residents and patients will have the opportunity to inspect a facility before making a choice. A person can tell whether a facility is clean by conducting a walkthrough. One may not always be able to measure the safety factor by looking at surface elements, however. Research is sometimes necessary to find the best facility. A prospective patient will want to ensure that the facility does not have reports of abuse or negligence in its history.

Searching Best Drug Rehab Centers

Choosing the best facility is something that takes time and effort. Sometimes, the best facility for one person is not the best facility for another person. A prospective patient should first write down a list of the qualities that he or she would like to see in a rehabilitation center. Next, the person will search for the best drug rehab centers. The prospective member can then choose the center that best suits current needs. For example, one center may offer group therapy, individual therapy, music therapy and exercise therapy along with the core recovery elements like detox.

Take a Step Toward the Light

Recovery is possible for those who would like to step toward the light. The addicted person or family member should choose a facility that meets the above-stated criteria. The best drug rehab centers will be delighted to show a prospective patient high recovery statistics and answer any questions the person may have. An individual may inquire by calling us. The second chance to live life to the fullest is only a phone call away.


  • Jacqueline Martin

    Very good article with a great deal of good information. These are important considerations when choosing a
    Drug Rehab Center.

  • suzzane

    It’s good that people have access to the best rehab centers to get the help they need.

  • paul m

    Let’s everyone keep in mind that recovery is possible for all to achieve. This is a fantastic program where you may choose the program that fits you best, which will set you on the path to success. Great program!!!

  • Angie

    I think it is wonderful that Best Drug has a detoxification program that can help you overcome an addiction. I love that one of the centers has different kinds of therapies along with the recovery elements. I feel those things are important as they give a recovering addict other ways to deal with their negative emotions. For example, Exercise therapy helps someone who maybe had a bad day at work, instead of turning to their addiction for help, they can turn to a punching bag and really take out all of their frustrations by punching something repeatedly until they feel better. Or music therapy can help them sort out their thoughts, and put that communication into a form of art that moves other people, or can help other people feeling the same or a similar thing.

  • brandon a

    i have had friends tell the same thing this article is saying so its got to be true

  • Andrew

    I have a friend that made it through drug treatment through the court systems. He said the incentives the court gave him were a great bonus and motivation to staying sober. He now is clean and raises money for more/better incentives for the drug court rehab system. This works!

  • Jonathan

    I think this is very good information and that anyone that wants to open a drug rehab center should take heed to what best drug rehabilitation says because these points are honestly common sense. If you don’t have supportive staff, no one encourages you to get through. If its not fun you don’t do it. If it’s expensive, you don’t bother with it and if it’s not safe, you don’t jump out of the pan and into the fire so to speak. I believe this program has the method to complete successful drug rehab.

  • Gina M

    Congratulations to Best Drug Rehab on their success! They truly are saving lives. I wish everybody would get the help that they need!

  • Diane C

    I can really see how important it would be to find the best possible facility for the person you are helping to get over their addiction. It’s good to know that there are facilities out there that have all the services that you would need to get this done. I can see where a facility that offers exercise or music therapy would be very helpful. Art is a good way to get someone to be creative and being creative helps to get the person back in communication with his environment. What a great idea!

  • Rhian

    This article is so right. Those facilities mentioned above are helpful and all those drug rehabilitation center must have those facilities. I like this blog ever.

  • Shane

    Yea my cousin is on drugs real bad, my family tries to get her help but she just doesn’t listen. I don’t know, maybe this place can help

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