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What Are The Most Common Obstacles To Overcome In Recovery

What Are The Most Common Obstacles To Overcome In Recovery?

What Are The Most Common Obstacles To Overcome In Recovery
What Are The Most Common Obstacles To Overcome In Recovery/

Addiction has a powerful effect on the user and his or her loved ones. The lucky ones will catch the problem early, have it treated, and go on to live successful lives. But many, if not most, addicts will live in a state of denial for many years. They don’t want to admit they have a problem, even when it’s obvious to everyone around them. In fact, it is not until something drastic happens, such as a car accident, job loss, failed relationship, or life-threatening health condition, that an addict may admit to a serious substance abuse problem. For example, myaddiction.com cites research suggesting that alcohol is involved in one-third of all traffic accidents. Fortunately, recovery is possible for those who are willing to go through a professional detox and rehab program, usually supported by loved ones and family members. However, this opportunity for recovery may be jeopardized if the following obstacles are not addressed:

Blaming Others

Some addicts refuse to accept responsibility for their addiction. They blame spouses, bosses, and parents, among others, to avoid admitting their role in the problem. If this continues during recovery, the chance of success is slim. An addict must be willing to admit a problem with substance addiction. It is only then that recovery can truly begin.

Ongoing Temptation

Circumstances and routine play a big role in substance abuse. Often, the people the addict associates with and the activities in which he or she engages involve alcohol or drugs. Being around other users increases the likelihood that the addict will resume or continue the abuse.

Failure To Make Lifestyle Changes

Typically, there are triggers that may fuel an addict’s use of substances. It may be a childhood memory, a difficult relationship, or an emotional issue like depression. Until these issues are addressed and the addict changes lifestyle conditions, like finding a different job or ending a bad relationship, the substance abuse will probably continue. The addict should be willing to change his or her life in positive ways.

Inability To Stick With Commitment

Keeping a promise can be difficult, all the more so for addicts. A support system is essential for helping and guiding a recovering addict to maintain a new lifestyle and commitment not to abuse drugs or alcohol. Recovery is more than a process. It is a life-long commitment to change harmful behavior by maintaining a series of positive behaviors.


  • Bridgette Redmond

    It’s really hard to make lifestyle changes for me, in my honest opinion.

  • Chris Miller

    I have experienced drug addiction within my family. The person was unaware of his problem and the problems that arose with other members of the family. He went to a rehabilitation center and the caretakers had meetings that focused on positive behaviors. Now, because of this service he is drug free and now has a positive outlook on life.

  • April

    Recovery is Possible and Yes and Important Support System is Needed. Great Article

  • Caroline

    It’s very hard for anyone to make a job change, much less an addict, but it is unfortunately, called for in many cases. It was the only reason I was able to quit drinking, and though I’m quite poor now financially, My life is truly better and much, much happier.

  • Ana

    Great post on the fundamental obstacles to recovery. I’ve seen many people struggle with these issues on the road to recovery. Recognizing these issues is one of the first steps to recovery. I’m glad you all provide a place where people have help to overcome these stumbling blocks.

  • Angie

    Recovery is difficult. But if you are ready to take responsibility for your life and get yourself back on track, you can do it. It can be difficult to identify the negative spots in your life and see how you have created un-healthy habits, but it is possible. Others have made it through this tough time, it just takes a lot to really see what is going on in your life, and then to go through with fixing it.

  • Jonathan

    Good information. I have had a few friends that would “admit” they were addicted to alchohol in a nonschilant fasion. I now understand that because he was consistently around others that drank heavily as well, it was difficult for him to come off it but once he started going to school again and got an actual job it was easier and I saw a change in his appearance and overall health.

  • Regina M

    It is such a difficult journey and that’s why it’s important to find help. Facilities like Best Drug Rehab literally save lives by providing personalized, wholistic treatment.

  • Diane C

    I can see how important it would be for a person who wants to handle their addiction to make the necessary changes in their life for this to happen. I would say starting with deciding to take control of their life and make the necessary changes needed to accomplish. I know it is hard to make environmental changes such as moving to a new location or changing one’s job. These can be very scary to do but if you help them, they can get through it. Get to the best rehab facility you can find.

  • Walter

    Indeed it can really be difficult for someone to change behaviors that led them down a path to addiction and the need for rehabilitation can be a hard pill to swallow for some, but there is definite truth in this article that many people need to have some form of a wake up call to get them to that stage. I have seen some great examples of this both successful and unsuccessful. I wish more people would realize that the social sigma of “I went to rehab” is only from those that can’t admit that there are better ways to get along in life or they have a problem themselves. This is a great article.

  • Amanda

    Recovery from addiction is no easy path. It takes a lot of patience and a big support team. Changing your daily routines and your whole your life in general is a hard thing to do, but to add an addiction on top and if can seem overwhelming and even impossible. But putting the people that support your new life choice and love you can and will make the road easier to travel. I thought this article was great because you can know what may occur while you have someone recovering from addiction. I wish I had known with when I had a loved one overcoming addiction.

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