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Understanding the Importance of Drug Treatment Programs Today

In the U.S., millions of people struggle daily with substance abuse addictions. This common problem affects people from every walk of life, regardless of age, race, or social stature. Addiction can happen to anyone, even those who are taking legal prescription drugs.  To get a good idea about the actual scope of the problem, the following information will help.

How Bad is the Problem?

According to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMSHA) annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), the nation’s problem with illicit drug use has continued to grow over recent years, thus increasing the need for effective and affordable drug treatment programs. In 2013, an estimated 24.6% of the American population aged 12 or older had used an illicit drug within the past month, up 8.3% in the year 2002. The most likely cause for this increase is related to the spike in the nation’s marijuana use, which continues to be this country’s most commonly used illegal drug.

Other points worth mentioning:

  • Cocaine use decreased in the last decade, with 1.5 million admitted users in 2013 compared to an average of 2.4 million people admitting use between the years 2002-2007.
  • The nation’s use of methamphetamine has increased. 2013 saw 595,000 users, compared to 353,000 users in 2010.
  • People in their late teens and early twenties are most likely to abuse substances. In 2013, 22.6% of 18-20-year-olds admitted to illegal drug use within the last month.

The Bottom Line

If you are one of the millions of people battling substance abuse, you might not know that help is readily available to anyone who desires it. Drug rehabilitation programs offer a new start, but the patient must be ready and willing to accept help and take the necessary steps towards recovery. Addiction can be a difficult habit to break, but with the help of trained experts, this daunting process doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.  Although the help is there and waiting, you must make the first step.  No one can force you into treatment, this is a decision you must reach from a sincere desire to get free from addiction.

Why a Drug Treatment Center?

At a rehab treatment facility, patients receive top-quality care from trained professionals who are dedicated to seeing them through this process. Patients can achieve sobriety through individualized therapy treatment plans and by educating themselves of methods that promote positive habits and thoughts once they return to the real world.

Other benefits of drug rehab centers include:

  • Group therapy sessions, one-on-one therapy sessions, and extra therapeutic activities such as yoga, equine therapy, and acupuncture. These complimentary activities will vary, depending on which treatment center you choose to enroll.
  • A personalized therapy treatment plan created by your own healthcare professional, designed with your specific needs and circumstances in mind.
  • Recovery in a facility with cozy, home-like accommodations can be much more comfortable than it would be in a hospital or clinic.
  • On-going support that continues once you depart the drug rehab center and re-enter your real life. Knowing there is always someone to lean on can be extremely helpful during this sensitive transition period.

Some program options you can choose in many facilities include:  diet and exercise, music and art therapy, yoga, acupuncture, counseling, skills training and many more.

Seek Help From the Best

If you are ready to get help for your addiction, please reach out to one of the drug treatment programs near you. Each treatment center is unique, just like you. A program can be designed to fit your unique needs.  With a little research, you can find the perfect place to help you walk the road to recovery.


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  • Walter

    These facts are staggering. It is amazing that there are that many people who are suffering from drug addiction. It is also shocking to see that amount of methamphetamine users. It does not surprise me on the Marijuana statistics, the only thing is that most people do not see marijuana addiction is possible or even exists.

    With that being said i like how this is an artivle that is not just supporting one rehab facility but that the info is there for all people to use and see. It is a truth that as a nation we are struggling with a rampant drug problem and i like to see that there are centers around that are working to put a stop to it.

  • Kim

    cocaine is bad

  • Eva

    This is a very informative article on how prevalent substance abuse is today, and how there are drug treatment centers available to successfully help the millions of people who suffer from addiction.

  • Whitney

    I had a friend in college that started out using cocaine for fun on the weekends at parties. Soon enough it became and issue and he ended up in the ER for an overdose one morning while he was at work.

    It really can take hold without the user realizing it. Get help as soon as you can.

  • Sarah Foley

    I think it is so sad that many people with drug addictions don’t take the necessary steps to take care of themselves. Rehab can really help with drug issues, but there is such a stigma against it in this country that many people who need it don’t help themselves.

  • Jonathan

    This article shocked me. The amount of kids that are taking drugs and how it increases as the years go by.
    I did know that kids taking drugs was a problem but not as bad as what I read above. The fact that it was over 20% of an age group in a month! Is just ludacris.
    It just shows that kids these days are not informed. And sites like this and programs as such should be pushed more so because if they are, the kids will be more informed and aware of what they are being offered to take does to them. Most kids nowadays are just told “drugs are bad” and not what the actual effects of them are so they just brush it off but if they were to read articles as such I guarantee a large majority won’t do them.

  • Abdul Hannan

    you must read this article. you will get lots of experience from here.

  • Davor

    Very good article i agree with you sir that the problem with the cocaine can become very huge. People should try to prevent this by either visiting some professionals like you that will surely help him or try and stop on his own which i think is very hard.

  • Angie

    The facts in this article are shocking. I cannot believe that so many people are using methamphetamine now. I also cannot believe how many of today’s youth are using drugs. I see a great need for affordable, but EFFECTIVE treatment programs. It is very important that people are educated on the effects of drug use, and how it really takes down your life and can actually kill you. Education is very very important. However, when a well educated person turns to substance abuse despite knowing the effects, it is important to have professionals available to help a person get clean and sober again.

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