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How to Deal with Competitiveness in Drug Rehab

Unfortunately, in many drug rehab and addiction recovery programs, a certain level of a competitive culture can develop. This can show itself as an attitude that glorifies that who has the worst:

  • Addiction horror stories or,
  • Who spent the most time in jail or,
  • Who had the worst injury etc…

This can lead to many feeling that their very real struggles with drug or substance abuse are not as valid, important or as severe as those of someone else. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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The events and circumstances that lead to any individual seeking help for substance addiction or dependency are very personal and of course, they differ from person to person, but they are 100 percent valid reasons and experiences for each individual. Never let someone else devalue what you know to be true about yourself and what you have been through, no matter what their own experience in life might be.

So how should you deal with competitiveness in rehab? In such a game, the only way to win is not to play. The purpose of drug rehab is not to find out who has had the worst experience with addiction or abuse, but to help YOU and as many other people as possible get their lives back from the darkness of addiction.

Drug addiction is bad enough and is hard for everyone who goes through it. If it were easy it would not be an addiction. Addiction by its definition is difficult, unpleasant, uncomfortable and dangerous for EVERYONE who goes through it. No need to make it worse for yourself or others by competing or devaluing what someone else has been through.

If you have not had as many negative moments in your addiction as someone else that doesn’t make your “rock bottom” any less valid or important than theirs. Be glad instead that you didn’t have to go through what they did to come to realize that you needed to make a change in your life.

On the other side of the coin, if you have had a very bad time of addiction or life in general and gone through more extreme negative experiences you also have nothing to feel bad or competitive about. You are now at the same point and you have the same opportunity to create the positive changes in your life to get yourself back to where you want to be.

Finding the Best Drug Rehab

Another way to avoid competitiveness in rehab is to seek out drug rehabilitation centers that promote an environment of mutual respect, and put the emphasis not on competition, but rather on betterment, support and healing physically and emotionally. A great place to start looking for such a place to recover from addiction is Best Drug Rehabilitation. Their programs and centers are focused on treating all aspects of addiction, including the physical, emotional and spiritual components that can lead to and cause addiction.

The service you get at Best Drug Rehab will be set up to meet your needs and tailored to give you the best chance having a full, long-term recovery, and coming out the other side happier and more successful in life than ever. At Best Drug Rehab you will find the help you are looking for to get your life back, not to find out who’s drug addiction has been the worst. At the end of the day, all that matters is you and how you can best get better.

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