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Here’s How to Kick Addiction and Reclaim Your Life

According to a survey conducted by SAMHSA in 2009, over 23 million people over the age of 12 needed to seek help for a drug abuse problem that they were dealing with,  These numbers are staggering and it is no wonder that rehab facilities are becoming the norm for most people who have drug issues. If you or a loved one have a drug problem, there are quite a lot of things to know when it comes to seeking treatment, what types of treatment facilities are available, and how to kick addiction and get control of your life once again.

Acknowledge the Drug Problem

Identifying a drug problem is one of the first steps to seeking recovery. If you feel that you might have issues with drugs, there are a few things to look for. You might find yourself spending all of your time thinking about or even doing drugs. You might wonder where you’re going to get drugs next or you could even panic if you know you are out of them. These are signs that you might have a drug addiction and require help to get over it and put it in your past.

If you feel that someone you love has this type of addiction, there are a few other things to look for when it comes to this issue. The person might be withdrawn, complain of pains within their body or just avoid the topic altogether. When dealing with someone else who has a drug issue, it is important for them to identify the issue on their own and for them to take the incentive to seek treatment. This will help them to have a better chance of recovery than if they are forced into treatment.

Choose the Appropriate Treatment Program to Help You Kick Addiction

When seeking help through a rehabilitation center, it is important to decipher the differences between an inpatient facility and an outpatient facility. In general, most people do better in an inpatient facility because they are not able to be influenced by outside sources. The Treatment Episode Data Set conducted a survey and found that over 56 percent of individuals who went into a rehab center were taking more than just one drug at the time (source). Because of this reason, it is a good idea for someone with a drug problem to be away from any influence that they might deal with out on the street.

During their time in the program, the individual is protected from external resources that could supply them or tempt them with drugs. They are in a healthy and clean environment that allows them to have professionals around them at all times. This will help the process of detox so that they can live a healthier life. Self-detoxing can be incredibly dangerous, so seeking help through an inpatient facility can help the process to go a lot more smoothly and a lot healthier for the individual who has the drug problem.

While many individuals use outpatient facilities, these rehab centers may not work for everyone. The person who needs this type of treatment must be home or work or school every day and may be around drugs or other drug users on a constant basis. They are virtually never away from the temptation of using drugs, which can make the issue worse or cause it to stay the same. Inpatient treatment for drug abuse is definitely the better option and can be beneficial for both teens and adults who have major drug addictions and are seeking help for this specific issue.

Finding the right rehab center might require a bit of research on your part. It is a good idea to stick with a center that is within your budget range. Many insurance companies will pay for your stay in one of these facilities, but you may be limited on the ones that you can choose. Knowing which facilities are available and which ones have the best success rate can help you to find the one that is going to be the best choice for you when you choose to get clean and live a healthier life.

Commit to Doing Your Part to Kick Addiction and Become Clean

When you find a good quality inpatient facility, you can go there and have a director give you a tour of the center itself. They will tell you about how they treat addiction, the amount of people staying there at the moment and different activities that they might have available to you when you begin staying there yourself. You will also be able to discuss the budget of staying there and whether or not your insurance company will cover the costs. Visiting the center before checking yourself into it is a good way for you to feel more comfortable about this process.

It is important to remember that regardless of the program you choose, it can only be effective if you are committed to doing your part to kick addiction, get clean, and rejoin the real world.

There are quite a lot of benefits that come with going to rehab and getting clean. While drug addiction is a lifelong struggle, the benefits of going to a rehabilitation center are countless.  Just a few of the benefits are as follows:

  • You will be surrounded by individuals who are there to help you.
  • You will be learning new life skills to combat drug addiction.
  • You can speak with others who are dealing with drug addictions just like you.
  • You will have a clean and healthy environment to get clean and the support that you need.

Treatment in an inpatient facility can help you to live a clean and healthier life. Once you identify that you have a drug problem and that you want to get help for it, it is important for you to find a local rehab center that you can enter right away before things get any worse.  Being surrounded by caring professionals and others like yourself will make the detoxification process much easier and the rehabilitation more effective so that you can soon walk out of  those doors and take back control of your life.



  • Rj

    I think the first problem of an addict with becoming clean, is that they do not actually acknowledge that they are addicted, and never even decide they wanna stop drugs, but let’s say they are forced to do some program cause of cour order, and that does never work. And of coirse thise who do see their problem, probably after they have caused much trouble for their close once, they wanna be clean and decide to fo to a regab center, they do not find the right one, and after leaving they just fall back into the same old bad routine and start using again. Honestly Best Drug rehab center is one of the most effective rehab centers out there, who treat the root of the problem with hilistic remedies and those who did go through their program stay clean, and not just that, they will actually live a healthy successful life. They even take care of the person later on and they follow up. Nice facility and stuff! Definitelly a great place for those who seek help!

  • carcol

    Good article and I agree. The first step has to be the person acknowledging that they have a problem and once they do that, agreeing to get into a program that will help them to recover. Whatever you have to do to get the person to see that their addiction is destroying their lives and their families lives and they need to do something about it. I know this is the hardest step but once done, you can really get the person helped. Finding the correct facility for the person you are working with is the next step to do. Making sure that whatever facility you choose has all the programs this person will need in order to be successful.

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