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Healing Our Bodies - Physical Well-Being and Recovery

Healing Our Bodies – Physical Well-Being and Recovery

Repairing the damage caused to the body by long-term substance abuse is a vital part of overcoming addiction. Real recovery from addiction is more than just getting clean and sober. It is more than just “quitting” drugs or alcohol. It is a lifestyle change that leads to a more positive and productive way of living. A major part of this lifestyle change is repairing the physical damage that results from neglecting and abusing the body. At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we focus on the physical and emotional well-being and recovery of our patients.

Many of the patients that we see are in poor physical condition when they arrive at our treatment center. Poor diet and eating habits can cause malnutrition. Sleeping patterns have been disrupted for weeks, months, or even years, and the resulting physical exhaustion can have even further adverse effects on thought processes. Lack of exercise or physical activity has deteriorated muscles and weakened the body. All of this going on can make it quite difficult to concentrate on recovery.

Treatment Focuses on Physical Well-Being and Recovery

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, our treatment program focuses first on helping the patients heal their bodies. Combined with nutritional therapy using vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a healthy, balanced diet, the most efficient way to address the physical issues caused by addiction is through exercise. All of our patients have daily access to our fully equipped exercise room and guidance from Jim Sonsmith, our on-staff personal trainer.

Physical Therapy is one of many program choices that we offer which focus on the health and well-being and recovery of our patients in rehab. When our patients are feeling better physically, and no longer suffering from the residual and detrimental effects of substance abuse, they can concentrate more clearly on overcoming their addiction. “For one thing, when your body feels good, it’s a lot easier to think,” Jim explains. “The physical exercise and the yoga program that we offer here, as well as the other fitness programs, helps their body get healthy. That’s going to help them with their energy; that’s going to help them sleep better at night, and it carries over into the other parts of the program.”

Patient’s Perspective on Benefits

Kenny M. gave us a BDR patient’s perspective on the benefits that our emphasis on physical health had in his recovery from addiction. Among the many things that our patients find to be most helpful to them as they work through their programs, the daily access to our fitness center and the assistance that Jim provides is consistently found near the top of the list, and for good reason. “With Jim as my personal trainer,” Kenny tells us, “I get a lot more done, and I’m able to stay more focused. I often feel like, when detoxing off of any substance, you’re going through an emotional roller coaster, so the main thing to do would be to find certain things that take your mind off of stress and tension. For me, that would be working out.” Having the ability to decompress and blow off some steam helps many of our patients work through the more difficult parts of the rehabilitation process. Stepping away for a little while and coming back to the problem refreshed and revitalized can sometimes make all of the difference in the world.

Holistic and Natural Methods Used for Addressing Chronic Pain

Another focus of our efforts to help our patients repair their bodies is found in addressing any injuries or other problems that may be causing chronic pain. In recent years, we have seen a huge upswing in the number of cases where the path to addiction began with a prescription of pain medication. Too often, doctors will quickly write out an order for painkillers and other opiate-derived medications, masking pain instead of addressing the cause of the pain and solving the problem. As the individual becomes accustomed to a particular medication, higher doses or more potent drugs are needed to produce the same effects. Before too long, the person can’t function without it, and they are in the midst of a full-blown addiction.

In physical therapy, Jim looks for a more natural and holistic method of addressing these issues, such as focusing an exercise regimen on a particular area of the body. “We start off with an evaluation,” the personal trainer says. “We ask what their goals are, physically, that they want to achieve here. We go over their medical history. If they’ve had injuries or problems with their body, one of the goals that we try to achieve is fixing that through exercise.” Rather than just masking pain, we find the cause and work on repairing it. By doing this, it helps to show our patients that they can handle the problems that life might place before them without resorting to drugs or alcohol. We teach them that they can achieve physical well-being and recovery.

Treatment for Body, Mind, and Spirit

The goal of the substance abuse treatment program at Best Drug Rehabilitation goes much deeper than just getting clean and sober. It is about getting healthy, in body, mind, and spirit. It is about finding a harmony and balance between these three parts of the whole self. Our patients find their own path to a more positive and more productive lifestyle, free from the bonds of addiction. They find physical well-being and recovery during their stay at Best Drug Rehab.


  • Willow Johnson

    Addiction often leads to malnourishment. For those with alcohol addiction, drinking the empty calories found in wine, beer, and liquor creates a feeling of fullness. Unfortunately, as a result many alcoholics fail to eat a healthy diet rich in the nutrients their body needs to function properly. Drug abusers are often so wrapped up in finding their next fix that they don’t eat. The poor diet of most addicts is tough on a digestive system already strained by the diarrhea, indigestion, and constipation that commonly occurs. By the time they enter drug rehab, malnourishment has taken a considerable toll on their overall health.
    Addiction blocks your body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Alcohol and drugs prevent your body from absorbing vital nutrients, such as tryptophan, that naturally help maintain feelings of well-being.
    Addiction damages your immune system. Whether you were mired in alcohol addiction or drug addiction, there’s no question that substance abuse – and the malnutrition that comes with it – disrupts your body’s natural defenses. A compromised immune system increases your risk for developing cancer, such as breast, liver, lung, or colon cancer.
    Addiction can damage your liver. Heavy use of drugs or alcohol combined with a decrease in nutrients lowers your liver’s ability to filter toxins. The process triggers a dangerous one-two punch to your body by causing the liver to swell. When this occurs, it increases the likelihood of developing liver cancer and also reduces an already lackluster appetite.
    Addiction destroys your self-esteem. The physical effects of addiction are often quite visible, such as bloodshot eyes, rotting teeth, scarred skin, significant weight loss, or a yellowing complexion. Unfortunately, some of those markers of addiction are still visible after you’ve stopped using and are on the road to recovery, making it very difficult to rebuild your self-esteem.You may not be able to reverse all the damage caused by your addiction. However, good nutrition can go a long way toward rebuilding a body that’s stronger, healthier, and more attractive as well. They have you work with a nutritionist or dietician in order to customize a plan to help your body recover and heal. If you you need help or anyone you know struggling with addiction please contact with Best Rehablitation center, they will be very happy to help you.

  • Lisa L.

    This is a great read and I completely agree, your bodies need to heal as well and at best drug rehabilitation helps with that. Not to just get the help you need to get sober from your addiction but to get your body back to being healthy again. A love one of mine went here and they helped him with his addiction and getting his body body healthy again they give you the vitamins and nutrition that you need.

  • Ba

    This is an excellent opportunity for the patients to get their body back to shape and back to functioning again. It is very true what the trainer said, that if you feel good physically, like healthy and strong, you can think better and clearer. If you physically are not good than there is not much thinking that can be done, since all your attention will be on your physical issues, and in a rehab that is really the case. I find it a necessary thing to get themselves physically ready so they can also deal with the metal issues easier and do counseling without having attention on physical issues. And it is all a drug free natural treatment so it is the best choice. Best drug rehab does sound like a place where people would be genuinely helped by the staff, without judgement, and a place where they would feels safe and understood. I believe that they are truly there to help the clients and want them to get better, and to stay better after they have completed those steps that they needed to be ready to leave the rehab. They are very divers, they offers so many different options for everyone, from traditional 12 steps, to art therapy, than even zumba classes and yoga and fitness with a trainer. It seems like that their programs is also evolving and really taking the people into consideration, and they keep up with the demand and really widen the programs that they offer, so everyone can benefit to the fullest. I really believe that if one gets through the program, they will be a changed person, and will know how to handle situations that have led them to use drugs in the first place. These things that they learn there can be very powerful, and can really help people with their addiction issues.

  • carcol

    I really like the idea of dealing with addiction through holistic methods. It is so true, you not only have to get the person through detox and off the drugs, you actually have to heal them completely – body, mind and spirit. To only do one or two and not all three leaves the person open to relapse more than if you were to do it. You would really want to find an in patient facility that will offer programs to do all of these things, Best Drug Rehab has this, so more people need to know about it so they can partake of this program and really get all the help they need to fully recover.

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