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Can Forced Rehab Work if the Addict Doesn’t Want to Go?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is often the only way someone struggling with addiction can become free. Professional rehab employs safe and successful methods designed to reverse the physical and psychological hold substances may have on a person. For those who go willingly into rehab, the chances of overcoming addiction are high. Self-motivation and a desire to become clean factor heavily in the results. But what about forced rehab? Does a person who is forced to go to rehab have the same chances for a positive outcome?

The Chance Exists with Forced Rehab

Without rehab, it is extremely doubtful anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is ever going to overcome the disease. Forced rehab opens the door to a cure. So, the possibility exists. Honestly, though, the likelihood of overcoming an addiction when forced into rehab is very slim. Unless the individual recognizes they have a problem and are seriously committed to kicking the addiction, overcoming the addiction is going to be very difficult. That said, forcing someone into rehab does offer a slim chance of success while not going into rehab at all presents zero chance. It is possible that the patient may get into rehab and realize that getting clean is what they want.

Relapses And The Path To Freedom

It is no secret that many people who enter into rehab relapse. A relapse is not due to a weakness of character or a refusal to make changes in one’s life. Substance abuse problems are never easy to overcome, and relapse becomes a likelihood. Once a person goes to rehab the first time, the seed of overcoming addiction is planted in the head. As a result, one of the first responses to a relapse could be the desire to enter back into rehab. Several stays in rehab may eventually lead to finally becoming free of substance abuse problems.

For those who are forced into rehab, a similar seed may be planted. Even if the first stay in rehab is not successful, the person might eventually see great value in rehab and choose to return even if the first stint was not a good experience.

The Long-Term Strategy

Forced rehab should be considered the start of a long-term plan of getting clean. Even if the first try turns out to be a disaster, the process of overcoming the troubling addiction can at least start. Obviously, there is no way a person is going to be able to detox and clean up unless he/she commences with rehab. Family members should try to avoid dwelling on any perceived “failures” of a first or second rehab stint.

Instead, remain confident about the eventual results and accept the fact that forcing someone into rehab is never going to deliver smooth results. Also understand that, in time, good results are a possible outcome. These good results have the potential to save a life.

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