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Overcoming Addiction

With Professional Help, Overcoming Addiction is Possible

Many people wonder if there is a cure for addiction. There are some treatment centers as well as medications that state that they can cure addiction, but this isn’t something that can be cured. Addiction is the result of an abnormal part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that controls impulses and restrains the pleasure system. To this day, science has not found a way to repair this part of the brain, which means that overcoming addiction is possible, but you will never be completely cured of this disease.

Overcoming, yet not being cured isn’t a bad thing. What separates addiction from other illnesses like cancer, which doesn’t have an absolute cure, is that a person has the power to prevent relapse. Someone may be able to keep their disease under control and be in remission for months or years, but it’s possible that no matter what they do the illness will return. People who learn how to live a life of sobriety with the proper tools can control their destiny and be free of active addiction for the rest of their life.

The First Step in Overcoming Addiction

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, you must surrender to the fact that you’ve lost control of your drinking or drug use. Admitting you have lost control is extremely difficult because your mind may tell you that you can control your using or that this time will be different from the last, but this is part of how the disease tricks you. When you reach the point where you have a moment of clarity in which you understand that you’re not in control, you should immediately seek professional help for overcoming addiction.

When you’re in the treatment center, you’ll go through different types of therapies and educational sessions. You’ll learn how the substances change your mind and body. It’ll be important to learn what your triggers are and how to manage them. A quality treatment center can also help if you have a dual diagnosis, which means that you also have a mental problem like anxiety or depression that must be treated simultaneously for overcoming addiction completely. Otherwise, you will surely relapse into addiction.

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Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

If this is your first time in treatment for overcoming addiction, you will listen to the stories of individuals who have relapsed and come back to treatment. Overcoming addiction with a professional rehab center gives you an exponentially better chance of remaining sober, but you have to do the work. Listen to the stories of those who have relapsed. What did they do wrong? What was working for them before they relapsed? By taking all of this information in, you’ll be better equipped with knowledge of what you need to do for overcoming addiction, and what you must avoid when you complete the treatment process.

Call Best Drug Rehabilitation for More Information about Overcoming Addiction

Those who take the rehabilitation process for everything that it’s worth can live a life of total sobriety. Most addicts just want to avoid drinking or using drugs when they first get sober. If you continue doing everything you have learned in rehab, you’ll begin to get the results that you want in early sobriety.  Addiction does not have to control the rest of your life. Call Best Drug Rehabilitation for more information about overcoming addiction.


  • Amanda

    Seeking help for addiction is extremely important. You want to ensure that you find a place that best fits your needs. There are many different ways to be successful in becoming sober, though it may be a life long journey and it will be difficult. The most important thing other then find the right support group and facility, but knowing about addiction and how it works can make the success for you much better. I love reading articles like these that gives me the data so that I may help anyone in my life that is struggling with addiction.

    • Ma Bella

      Same here! I do love articles in which I can learn good things. About this drug addiction, yes a person can easily get out from it if he/she is willing to help herself/himself. If he/she needs aid, it’s better to have it with the professionals so that healing will be quick. Good drug rehab center must be chosen properly.

  • Sam Liang

    Yes. Addiction cannot be cured and it is something that people often find a treatment for this. However, there are preventions that help to lessen the severity of addiction. It is how people find helps and ask for others’ opinions. They can look for the right path to prevent such an addiction.

  • Jess

    Addiction is a hard thing to overcome. Family support is extremely important, however it has to be the individual in treatment who wants to get better for it to work.

  • Jonathan

    This was actually good information as I knew that drugs affected the brain but I did not know to what degree.
    It is both interesting and sad that a person that went through heavy drugs, has a chance to go under a relapse years later unless properly treated and detoxified.
    This article does make a good point that when you know you are in need of change to just go for it and make the change as you may never get a chance again.
    It is also interesting to see that they say to learn from the people that are addicts but they put it in such a way that makes a good point.
    I know that by being educated and seeing certain people that were on drugs and the effects that they experienced from being under drugs is what keeps me off so it does prove a valid point.

  • Jessica

    It is always difficult for the people who are addicted to drugs.As we are living in society the society always hate those who have bad habit. so they try to ignore bad people. they think one bad person may spoil other people too.If any one has such habit you may have to take help from your family and go to rehab for changing your habit.They do care for all the people who have problem with different things.Please be safe and be away from drugs.

  • DiAnne Lemaster

    I have been struggling with drinking for a little while. I finally just learned to put down the bottle one day an say this isn’t for me although I know how hard it is wanting to drink an not being able to. You are right no matter what you are always an addict.

  • Daniel Higuera

    I have an uncle who had this problem, he was consuming and he could not deal with it, i was little at the time, yet i noticed about it. It was awful, i remember one day some guys came home to threaten him if didn’t pay them they would kill him. After that he paid the men and left home, we did not hear anything from him for about 6 years. The last thing we heard about him was 6 months ago. He was working in a construction. My grandma saw him, and according to her, he left all that stuff behind, he’s clean now and wants a fresh start. He feels a lot guilt for all he made us suffer. But it’s ok now, i forgive him.

  • Abdul Hannan

    this is very interesting thing i ever seen. this is very effective thing. There are some treatment so read this and get your treat.

  • Charlie

    My brother is dealing with an alcohol addiction right now and it seems like he can never take that first step of asking for help. Although, while his situation is bad, at least I’ve learned not to mess with that kind of stuff.

  • James

    Stay away from drug if you dont want to be come addicted of it!

  • Michael

    Although I never had a drug addiction, I had similar problems with online gaming that almost ruined my life. Admittance of addiction is rather hard to suffice. Luckily i had my family to get me through a rather tough period of my life.

  • Candice

    I have a friend who’s battling an addiction right now. He went to a rehab center and signed himself out, but he’s doing outpatient now. I hope he gets better because he has a family to worry about.

  • edgar rivera

    Informative blog it makes good sense, addiction is no joke i have cigarette addiction trying to stop. Addiction does involve the brain thinking like i need it but it’s all in my head also the nicotine makes it harder and withdrawals.

  • Davor

    I agree with you that every addict should try and seek help from professionals because I’m 100% sure that everyone can be cured especially if it’s addiction because it is what’s happening inside our minds and if we are strong enough we can overcome it

  • dey

    good information , They do care for all the people who have problem with different things.
    They can look for the right path to prevent such an addiction.

  • victor

    First of all i have the highest respect for those who have the gut to check in to rehab. Second it is so important if possible too surround yourself with real people that you can talk to you, Not at you.

  • Jeff

    Outside the NHS, there are many voluntary sector and private drug and alcohol treatment organisations that can help you. As well as residential rehab centres, community services of various types are provided by voluntary organisations. These include structured day programmes, outreach and harm reduction services, counselling services, aftercare and housing support services.

  • Jonathan

    This was interesting as I didn’t know that there was an actual part of your brain that is soley responsible for addiction, but this makes sense. However, assuming that the above information is factual then I don’t agree that addiction is not curable.

    I believe if you first rehabilitate the person to that moment of clarity to where they are aware they need a change and get them cleaned up fully. Then at this point it is just educating them and getting their self control under their control. This is almost another entirely different rehab.

    I have seen it however when an ex alcoholic drinks a beer again and loses control and three twelve packs later is in a horrible rage. They just need a different kind of rehab, one leaning more towards mental.

    This was very informative however and the information is appreciated.

  • Zouebi Alquada

    Wow I wish I knew about this when my uncle was still alive

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