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5 Things People Should Ask About Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows how terrifying it can be. No matter if you are the person with the addiction or if the addict is someone you love, dealing with an addiction can ruin your life. The best hope of recovery is addiction treatment. However, it is important that addicts enter treatment programs that will give them the best chance to beat their addictions. To that end, here are five questions that need to be asked before going into an addiction treatment facility.

1. Does the Program Offer Individualized Treatment?

The truth is that no two people’s addictions are exactly the same. Therefore, it stands to reason that your treatment plan should be individualized to meet your particular needs. The last thing you want to do is to enter a treatment program that has a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. Talk about the program first to see how they can work with you to develop a program tailored to your situation. Doing this will give you the best chance of a successful outcome both during addiction treatment and when you leave.

2. Does the Addiction Treatment Plan Adapt Throughout Your Stay?

Your road to recovery will be traversing a constantly changing landscape. Your treatment plan must constantly change to keep pace with your changing needs drying the recovery process. Before you enter a treatment program, make sure to ask about how the program will work to manage and update your treatment plan continuously. There should be daily and weekly meetings with your counselor to discuss the way your treatment is progressing and how it can be modified to give you the best results.

3. How Long Is the Addiction Treatment Program?

Recovering from an addiction is not an overnight progress. In fact, it is a long journey that will last you for the rest of your life. Once you have an addiction, you never actually conquer it. You must begin the battle anew every day to keep the demons of addiction at bay. Gaining this mindset of vigilance in the battle with addiction takes a significant amount of time. Research has shown that the best outcomes happen for people who enter a rehab program that is at least 90 days in duration. While not every one of these days has to be as an inpatient, it is important that you look for a program that will give you at least 90 days of treatment to set you on the right path. This will give you the best odds of staying clean for the rest of your life.

4. What Are the Costs and Payment Options?

Entering rehab is an investment in your future. The truth is that many people will die from their addictions if they do not seek the help they need. It should never be for a financial reason that someone cannot enter the treatment program they require. You must ask about the financial issues before you decide on a particular rehab. Most of them will be willing to work with their patients to develop a payment plan that will fit their budgets. However, you need to hash out these financial details before you enter the facility. Stress from a big bill when you leave rehab could lead to a relapse. Avoid this by getting the money issues sorted out beforehand.

5. What Happens When You Leave the Program?

One of the scariest days during the recovery journey is the day you leave rehab. The thought of relapsing can be absolutely terrifying. To keep this fear to a minimum, it is important that you get help even after you leave the treatment program. Therefore, you must ensure that the program you choose will give you the necessary help to stay clean after you leave the facility. They should be able to hook you up with a support group that will assist you in your sober living lifestyle when you are out on your own again.

The decision to enter an addiction treatment facility is one of the most important decisions an addict will ever make. There is never a wrong time to enter rehab. When you have made this gutsy decision, you want to make sure that it pays off with a positive result. Asking these five questions will give you the best chance of leaving the treatment facility clean and sober. It will also ensure that you have a great chance to stay clean when you leave treatment.


  • Shasta McAnally Martin

    I think this is a helpful for blog for anyone seeking drug treatment. This way nothing is left out when trying to find the best program for your needs.

  • Jada Prosser

    I once had a family member who was scared of entering rehab. I agree with everything that this article says, it a tedious process but the end results are for the better.

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