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5 Facts About Drug Rehab You Need To Know

A recent study found that 23 million US residents required treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism. Only about 10 percent of these individuals got the help they needed, and this may partly be due to a lack of knowledge regarding inpatient rehab. Here are five facts that you need to know about drug rehab.

1. Help does not stop when inpatient rehab ends.

Many rehab facilities offer outpatient support for recovering addicts who have completed their inpatient programs. Depending on the individual, these services may include group or one-one-one emotional wellness counseling, life skills training or drug-free lifestyle support. This outpatient support is a powerful complement to inpatient treatment and can help recipients maintain a new path free of drugs.

2. Drug rehab centers work hard to keep drugs out.

The improved success rates that rehab facilities offer to recovering addicts depend on many factors, but the strictly controlled environment is essential. Without freedom from opportunities to take drugs, recovering addicts are at much higher risk of relapse. To aid the ability of patients to recover, rehab centers take measures to prevent patients from bringing drugs in and block attempts by visitors to deliver drugs. This is often fostered by prohibition of visits from family and friends. Later in the course of treatment, a facility may begin to allow visits on a controlled basis.

3. Many rehab facilities ban communication to the outside at least initially.

Some might view this common rule as excessive at first glance, but it strongly supports the efforts of patients to stay clean. In many cases, drug addicts maintain relationships with friends and family who enable their addictions. This means that communications between patients and those individuals could prevent the patients from making strides toward a drug-free lifestyle. As patients progress in a rehab program, they may be allowed to start communicating with friends and family again in a controlled fashion.

4. Rehab commonly uses a combination of individual and group counseling.

Individual and group counseling offer unique advantages for recipients. Individual counseling provides an opportunity for patients to discuss their concerns privately with professionals. During group counseling sessions, patients can enhance their insights into their own bad habits to advance their ability to recover. At the same time, group sessions may offer chances for patients to form positive peer groups that reinforce their efforts at staying off drugs.

5. Holistic treatment options are becoming more common.

More drug rehab programs are offering holistic treatment methods, including nutritional therapy, meditation, yoga and physical exercise. These holistic treatments address the whole individual to support positive changes during rehabilitation. Nutritional therapy, for example, boosts mood and resilience against stress by restoring nutrients lost during active addiction. Meditation and yoga help individuals reconnect with themselves and learn to relax without drugs and alcohol. With physical exercise, patients can build confidence and strengthen their body and mind to win the fight against addiction.


  • Samantha B

    I know that rehab gets a bad wrap but knowing that it’s not permanent and that it’s just the begin to living a sober life helps to see that rehab is not the enemy. These rules are for the better of the person with the addiction, not to punish them but to start them off on the right path. It is also so great to hear that help with your addiction and does not end when your time in rehab is over. It is so important to maintain help after you are home. I also think more people would be willing to try rehab if they knew that out patient rehab was on option in the future. Once you’re over the initial hump and sober, then you can maintain getting help with out patient support. My ex – fiance was in rehab about 7 years ago and he did really well with it. At first he was hesitant but once he got sober he realized just how bad he needed it. And that it was not a punishment, it was to help him. It was also hard not being able to talk to him for the first week as he was not allowed any outside communication, but it was really for the best for him. It is also great to hear that more holistic treatment is being offered for addiction instead of giving more drugs or medication to get off of the original addiction. It always has seemed backwards they they would give methadone or other substances to help addicts get off drugs. I think a holistic approach is a way better way to approach addiction.

  • Allayah

    Love the facts, very interesting.

  • Josie h

    I love the idea of a holistic approach to rehab. It seems like a lot of the time addicts end up just switching from one drug to another psychiatric one. I love the concept of incorporating nutrition and meditation practices because you can use that forever to help with day to day issues that may stress you out.

  • Angie

    Having a holistic approach to treatment is important in my opinion. Why use drugs to help get you recovered from an addiction? Using the correct nutrition, exercise and vitamins, you can get clean and sober, and have a healthier body as a result. I also like that there is limited outside communication in the beginning. It’s very important that you first deal with your addiction and move forward in the recovery process before you start adding in other factors that may have possibly been a reason for your addiction to begin with. I’m glad that rehab centers are fine-tuning the art of recovery and are working to help people get better and better every day.

  • Kelie

    I think it is so powerful and important that facilities are moving toward holistic treatment options. I think that this is the wave of the future and such foward thinking.

  • Mary Junot

    There is some very good information here, for the patient as well as the family. A lot of family members don’t understand why rehab centers do a lot of the things they do. Also it’s nice to see that rehab centers are embracing the whole being wellness techniques.

  • Blondeys

    Great information to know when seeking drug rehab. It is very necessary for a person to seek help with drugs and alcohol abuse. I think counseling is definitely the way to go to seek support and therapy.

  • Clint

    good info

  • Clint

    I didn’t realize there were so many people with this problem

  • shan

    good information

  • Scott Reimann

    Rehab really helped my friend turn his life around.

  • Drizzle

    This post was useful. The details provided were also accurate. It was worth reading.

  • David

    Very great information the step 3 i think just for me very helpful

  • John Cali

    For those with strong family ties point number #3 can be problematic and non-conducive to recovery.

  • Kara

    Sounds like a great alternative!

  • Casey

    Fascinating article. I agree, it’s important to know these things.

  • Jonathan

    Some people may be opposed to being exiled to communication while trying to get clean but I think it’s a great idea. It is very real to me how a person while trying to get on the right path may be influence d by “old friends” to go back to their old habits. It has happened to me when getting out of the drinking and party scene. I had separated myself from my old friends and I was able to stop that lifestyle. Daily exercise also played in a part of it for me as it helped add discipline.

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