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Below are just a few of our wonderful success stories from clients that recently graduated our drug rehab program this year. Join them by contacting us today and starting your road to recovery.

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Date: 2/21/13
Just being with myself I’ve always thought I needed someone with me not caring if they were good or bad. Being able to confront anyone without being hostile. Keeping my attention on one thing until I complete it and not being thrown off by anyone or anything. I can now read better which helps me communicate better. Now when I go to school it wont overwhelm me because I know a lot of my problems in school was absent of mass, too steep of gradient, or misunderstand words and I know how to handle it. I can now pick out the people I should surround myself with and not associate with. I know how if one dynamic is out the rest will fall. Now when I see that I’m in a low condition I can apply the formulas to move into power. This program has helped me more than I thought it ever would.

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Date: 2/21/13
Several weeks ago I realized that getting and staying sober is the most important thing I have done in my life. It seems an unbeatable challenge at first and it is easy to give up and relapse. This program has taught me many valuable skills that I will need to remain sober but it has also made my recovery seem not only possible, but likely something that I could hardly have imagined two months ago. The program can be tough at times but once I realized that my life was at stake, it all became a lot more doable. I am very thankful for my experience at BDR and I am thankful to all the staff for helping me to recover.

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Date: 2/20/13
I came into this building broken and tore up from the floor up. I was able to honestly find myself in this crazy place & handle my emotions in my own skin without drugs. A lot of negativity & distractions were thrown my way but I was always able to remember why I was here at the hell I put myself through as well as keeping my eyes on where I wanted to go & what I wanted to achieve. I wanted to leave countless times in the beginning but I was finally able to finish a cycle of action & complete the program. Most importantly I found God again & started strengthening my spirituality. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!
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Thank you everyone for all that you did to lay the foundation for my sobriety. Thank you for the one-on-ones, allowing me to grow while coming off my meds. The assists and group therapy went also a great part of making my stay a success most of all thanks to all the special people who come here everyday and make you feel like a part of a family — you are truly special people. I am so grateful to get my start at sobriety here at Tranquility and look forward to a lifetime of sobriety. Thank you!!

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Wayne H. | Completion of Withdraw” open=”no”] When I came here I didn’t think it would help, but it did I feel good one week later I’m normal. If you want to get better this is the place. Let it work for you. I like the staff, they or wonderful everyone was very concerned about me. If you want help, this is the place to be.

[/toggle] [/accordian] [/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] [accordian] [toggle title=”Mike R. | Completion of Withdraw” open=”no”] I am Mike and I am an addict. I have withdrawn or “Detox” many times in my 47 years, that’s the easy part. But the people here made this detox different. The caring staff is willing to talk or take action i anyway to make things easier. This detox was also different for another reason. I came in with six broken ribs and contused lungs. It happened only days before I got here so I was very, very sore. By the second day, I still was in so much pain I hadn’t slept. I wanted to go home, period. With some talks with staff members and some serious heart to hearts with myself I stayed. I feel if I can get through detox with six broke ribs and be positive about it every day, anyone should at least be able to get through detox here. Now I move to the real work. Good luck everyone. Much love to the entire staff!
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Pam N. | Completion of Withdraw” open=”no”] To walk through the door was scary, emotional and worrisome. It was the best door I opened. For many years, many doors of destruction, but it was within moments, I met caring and concerned staff members as well as clients. After getting my bearings, it became even more evident how much each staff personal cared. That helped me to be able to open up and trust even the detox part my first steps placed on solid ground to begin my success story of recovery. To know I could successfully complete a withdraw program, is to now know I will be able and can successfully complete the recovery program and be able to go home with tools to use the continue my path. I appreciate the caring and kindful stay that gave me “tools” here to use to early on staying and knowing and can continue my future successfully! Thanks.
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Met a lot of people just like me with addiction problems. Loved the spa, and the food. Hopefully I can go to the main facility today and overcome a lot more things.

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My name is Beth Sloan. Tranquility was an amazing place for me. I was treated with great respect but also gave respect back. Giving and doing on to others as you would want done on to yourself is the best thing you can do in recovery and in life. I know in the end everything will be okay and if it isn’t okay… it isn’t the end! Thank you and goodnight!



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