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Addiction Rehab Success Story: Tiara Butler Gets Her BAM Back

At most addiction treatment facilities, the primary focus is the ability to help people find their path and to find their freedom from the grueling effects of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  They offer a very workable and effective recovery solution, and as a treatment center, they have the tools and treatment focus necessary for helping people to get free from addiction. You can become a rehab success story by choosing to get the help you so desperately need for drug or alcohol addiction.

Though beating addiction takes a great deal of work and effort, this is something that can and should be addressed with the right recovery services and programs.  Rehab can offer those services and programs.  They know that triumphing over addiction is a hard and challenging conquest, but they also know that now more so than perhaps ever before this is a necessary approach and one that can offer stability and peace of mind for anyone and everyone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol in this country.

Client Success Stories

Treatment professionals like to get honest, truthful, and forthcoming feedback from their clients.  They take it all in, the good, the bad, the amazing, the criticism, the suggestions, the applause, everything.  Their goal and mission are to help people find peace of mind and abstinence from even the most brutal and demanding of issues as they stand in the nation today. Substance abuse is indeed an unpleasant and challenging issue.

A Rehabilitation Success Story

We thought we would include the following success story, from Tiara Butler.  Tiara Butler entered treatment back in April and graduated the program in June.  They were thrilled to have her, and she even stayed on longer just because she enjoyed being with everyone and at the program so much.

From: Tiara Butler

Date: 2017-06-02

Success Story:

“Being here at the facility has been a moving journey. I have grown in so many ways, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. I am leaving in good spirits and would not be able to do that if it wasn’t for the program. I have learned so much about myself and life in general. I am leaving the program, not a NEW me but a BETTER me. I got my BAM back!!!!!”

Beating Addiction with Inpatient Treatment

There is no doubt that it takes a great deal of effort, intention, and work to find peace of mind and abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  Though people often do not know it, the conquest of beating addiction is none too pleasant for people if they do not have the tools and the therapy methods necessary for accomplishing this on their own.  Instead, they will end up falling on hard times of their own and not be able to figure out a safe path to abstinence and sobriety if they do not have the professional help they need to beat addiction for life.

An effective treatment program can provide the tools and the treatment methods necessary to kick an addiction once and for all. The struggles of addiction are such that people cannot seem to stably and consistently do something about it in such a way that they can go free from their addiction. You too can become a success story.  For more information on addiction treatment programs, call and speak with one of our addiction specialists today.

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