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Thanks to Rehab, Trevis Changed His Entire Life

Trevis was hopeless and alone as he had his next hit. He thought he would be able to quit at any point if he wanted to. He convinced himself he wasn’t like everyone else who said they could quit, but really couldn’t. He was bored and unhappy with the way his life was going and decided to try quitting. After several hours went by, Trevis couldn’t handle the severe withdrawal symptoms he was already facing. He took another hit and felt relief. All this time he thought he didn’t have a problem because he was choosing to use drugs. However, now that he wanted to quit and actually couldn’t, he felt out of control and knew he needed help. Thanks to rehab, he found it.

Entering Rehabilitation

Trevis didn’t do a lot of research, but he knew he needed a rehabilitation facility that could take care of him. He decided to enter a facility that was close by. As he walked into the facility, he felt nervous and hopeless. However, as soon as he got through the door, things started to change. The first night alone made him feel better, and he knew he was making the right decision. As Trevis went through detoxification, his withdrawal symptoms got worse and worse. He felt exhausted, emotional and insecure. He didn’t know how he would make it through the rest of his treatment program.

Once detoxification has come to an end, Trevis was finally starting to feel more like himself. He had actually forgotten what it felt like to be 100 percent himself. He didn’t realize he had lost such a huge part of him due to drugs. A fellow patient told Trevis a joke, and for the first time, he legitimately laughed, and it felt really good to feel that emotion again. As treatment went on, Trevis experienced all sorts of emotions again, emotions that he had been numb to for years.

The counseling, skills, and tools he received made it easier for him to deal with these new emotions and difficult situations he may experience in the future. He started to discover more about himself and why he started using drugs in the first place. Trevis also realized he was responsible for damaging a lot of his friendships and family relationships. He knew he needed to attempt to mend them to live the life of sobriety he wanted to. So, Trevis sat down with an advisor and created a plan of action to help him make amends to those he had harmed.

Thanks to Rehab, Trevis Graduated from Treatment

The day came faster than he thought it would. What started off originally as a challenge to himself to quit using, became a new life he never thought was possible for himself. At the end of his treatment program, he felt confident and ready to return home with his new life skills under his belt. While he was still in rehab, he started reaching out to friends and family and showing them how he had changed. Many of his relationships have been fixed, and he is happy to be starting on the rest of his recovery with a strong support system.

When Trevis graduated his treatment program, he began taking steps towards his goals of getting a job he enjoyed, a home he was proud of and beginning a relationship with someone he could have a family with. With the help of his aftercare program and his family, he was able to find a good job that he felt happy to be a part of. He has been able to find a community he can be apart of at work and outside of work at support groups. Trevis has been able to change his entire life around by entering rehabilitation, and he hopes others who are struggling with an addiction can achieve the same.

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