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Steve Machat and His Daughter

Hi, my name is Steven Machat. I’m a citizen of the United States, and I met Per because he runs a drug rehab – it’s called Best Drug Rehab.  I was in need of trying to find an alternative method of helping my daughter.  I learned the hard way all these answers, when my daughter became inflicted with the need to do drugs.  She’s been in almost every (whatever you want to call it), I call it prisons, but she’s been in almost every one of these drug rehab prisons because they make a lot of money out of you.  And what they do is a pharmaceutical game – they put you on these pills and then you have to come back to get the pill.

So I love my daughter, and I’ve suffered, and she’s been looking to figure out what is her reason to be.  Hopefully, Margo will rebound and become the light  for people that are looking for a reason to be.

A mutual friend of ours, Per’s and mine, said “Steven, I may have the answer for your daughter.  This is a company that does not allow them to take pills.”  So when Margo had her latest breakdown, because she’s been on the path and she’s trying to get it together, and she’s so bright, but she fights that bright with darkness because she’s scared of who and what she can be.  But sooner or later I pray every day that she’ll step into her shoes.  And so, I met Per and Per said to me, “There’s no drugs here,”
[one_half] So with Per, my daughter went to his place, I’ll say February 1st, and she graduated from his course.  She was off drugs, and it was a very happy time when I went there in May and she was working with him.  I ran around Michigan; it was lovely; I love Michigan, I had never been to Michigan.
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She was off drugs, and it was a very happy time

So I thought Per’s company would help Margo with love, but Margo has demons – we all have demons.  And she fell into her demons again.  And she escaped from reality and she ran off and ended up in Charleston, West Virginia, and it broke my heart.  So I ended up, I ended up getting her back to Per so she could detox.  And she went back to Per, and for whatever reason the personalities and everything at this place didn’t work; or maybe Margo was basically cured.

So Margo got angry; she had to be there because I know one truth: when you’re ready to stop living on drugs, to put shadows on your lights with ceilings, you don’t need anyone.  And maybe my daughter at that moment in time was really ready, so she escaped.  With anger she was striking out that she was there.  She wrote things that one day she’ll regret, because I believe my daughter needs to live in love.

Right now she’s in LA  – I was visiting with her.  I believe, and I’m a father so besides believing, I’m hoping it to be true – I believe she’s ready to move forward. And if my daughter can teach the lessons of the misery caused by drugs, making no thought except being an animal – drugs make you an animal because you have no love, it shuts it off.  They end up robbing you; they end up stealing from you, and they end up piercing your heart.

My daughter right now, and I thank Per, because you know something?  We learned it in mathematics: a negative and a negative can make a positive.  I believe my daughter is clean: she’s at home, she’s working, she’s talking, she’s reading, and she’s engaging with me.  And I hope it’s alright, and I thank Per.

Things don’t turn out rosie, but if they turn out in light, then there’s brightness.  I’ve no problem with Per; I have no problem with what he did, and I’m speaking as the father of the Machats.

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