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Drug Rehab Success Story: Sheldon from Houston, Texas


Sheldon graduated from Best Drug Rehab in November. I sat down with Sheldon to discuss his recovery and his experience at BDR.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]How is Best Drug Rehab different?

[one_half last=”no”] It’s completely different. I’ve done the 12-step program.

This was the third drug rehab center I went to, and all the others were just a place to go and spend time. No one truly cared about me. But here, the staff has been through what I went through.

They know the heartache, they know the pain, and they trusted me. When I arrived at BDR, somebody was actually there to believe in me and stand behind me and help me through it. They understood me and knew what I was feeling.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

It was excellent. I absolutely loved it. I got along with everybody. It was just an overall friendly place where everybody helped me in one way or another.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]Why did Best Drug Rehabilitation work for you?

[one_half last=”no”]

[fontawesome icon=”heart” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Personal Care

BDR works on a personal level, and that helps a lot.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation you have to do your programs, but you don’t necessarily have to do their programs. At other rehabs, you’re really not required to push yourself to achieve anything. You’re often just there spending your time, without much to show for it.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, though, they encourage you to do more.[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”]

[fontawesome icon=”pencil” circle=”no” size=”medium”]Awesome Activities

You have groups to go to. When you do go, you get rewarded. BDR pushes you to do your work, which helps you when you get out because you have the motivation to accomplish something. Then you can participate in fun activities, like bowling and socializing, which reorient you to life in the outside world. You don’t feel that people are walking over you any more. You learn to communicate what you’re feeling, to project yourself out into society more. You actually learn those skills in your groups.[/one_half]

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]What was the relationship between the staff and the clients?

It was excellent. I absolutely loved it. I got along with everybody. It was just an overall friendly place where everybody helped me in one way or another. If I was ever having a bad day, I’d go talk to Nurse Kelly or somebody on staff — everyone at BDR was there to support me. Or, if I was just not recognizing what I was supposed to be doing in that moment, they’d give me a little space. They would take me outside, talk with me to figure out what was going on, and try to work through it instead of just punishing me.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]How do you feel now that you are sober?

I have more energy. I have more motivation. I get along better with my family. I get along better with my son. My days are productive; they go by faster. I feel youthful again, like I have a purpose.

[fontawesome icon=”comments-alt” circle=”no” size=”large”]Would you recommend Best Drug Rehabilitation to other people?

Yes, I would.

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