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Man Enters Rehab a Drunk and Leaves with a New Life

Walking down the street, drunk and tired, Trevor felt ready to give up right then and there. As he stumbled down the street he got into an argument with an older man; the reason he couldn’t remember. He kept mumbling his thoughts and felt angry towards the world. How did it get this bad? Trevor had a family, friends and a decent job at one point, but that was pretty much all gone now. Although drunk, Trevor knew he needed to change something. Somewhere inside of him, he was aware that this wasn’t how his life was meant to be and that he can do better. As he kept walking down the street, he came across an ad for a rehab facility and saw it as a sign to take control of his addiction.

Entering Rehabilitation

The next day, Trevor made it to the rehab facility with the help of a family member. Still drunk from the night before, he walked in and told the receptionist he needed help. He went to detoxification immediately and started the process of becoming sober. The withdrawal symptoms came sooner than he thought and they were worse than he imagined. Trevor hardly slept for the next five days, but as the withdrawal symptoms became less and less, Trevor started to feel normal again. He began to think more clearly and felt brighter in general.

When detoxification was complete, he continued with his treatment program. Trevor’s treatment program consisted of therapy and classes that taught him tools he could use to handle his addiction. Therapy was what made Trevor realize that he was not alone. Several other people were in a similar situation as his. For the first time in his life, he felt he was a part of a community he could trust and turn to for help.

The classes were what he was missing all along. Trevor noticed right away the difference these tools made on his life. He started to communicate better with others, he was able to control his anger better, and he felt confident he could fix the issues he had caused with his family members. At the end of his treatment program, 45 days later, Trevor felt healthier, wiser, and confident enough to return home.

Overcoming Hardships with Recovery After Rehab

Trevor thought the hard part was over, and while he had overcome a big challenge, he realized he had more challenges to overcome. Returning to his life after rehab was painful. He had to re-create a life for himself that embodied his new values and goals to maintain his sobriety. He started with finding a new job with a company he respected. Once he reached that goal, he began to look for a new place to live. Using the tools he learned in rehab; he noticed he was reaching his goals faster than he thought was possible.

As Trevor reminisced over his active addiction, he realized how far he had come. He went from wanting to give up his life to creating a life full of happiness and sobriety in a matter of a few months. While Trevor wishes he would have entered rehabilitation sooner, he doesn’t regret anything that happened because if it weren’t for his addiction, he would have never learned the skills he now knows, and he would have never had the opportunity to have a support system that he could rely on. Rehab made Trevor feel confident that he could maintain his sobriety no matter what challenge comes up. With confidence comes security, and with security comes happiness.

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